Top 10 best Brawl Stars Facts you might not know of

Know all the unknown facts about your favorite Brawl Stars!

Brawl Stars the fast-paced 3v3 shooter from the Finnish developer, Supercell has been a popular game among the fans ever since its global launch in December 2018. The game boasts of a variety of game modes and characters that keep the players engaged. The mobile gaming title has immense esports opportunities as well following the track of other hit Supercell games Clash Royale and Clash of Clans. In this article, we will be taking a look at the Top 10 best facts that you might not know about Brawl Stars.

Top 10 best Brawl Stars facts

1. Gene and Edgar were gamebreaking brawlers

When characters are referred to as game-breaking it generally means the characters are extremely strong or overpowered but this was not the case for the aforementioned brawlers. Edgar and Gene literally broke the game on release. Gene, the mythic brawler lead to everyone’s game crashing on iOS whenever gene used his super.

Meanwhile, Edgar, given to players for free during the second anniversary of Brawl Stars caused servers to overload which meant players were not able to access the game for long periods of time. This event was referred to as Edgar-apocalypse.

2. Brawl Stars was originally a space theme game titled “Project Laser”

The initial prototype of Brawl Stars was based on the concept of a fast-paced shooter but instead of being based in an amusement park, it was set in space. The game was then changed to a Wild West theme and was named “Slug Fest”. This version of the game closely resembled Brawl Stars in beta. The game embraced its past through a mini-game that was released last year where 8-Bit explores the space.

Colonel Ruffs who could be seen in early sketches of the game’s character designs and the mini robot that the players encounter in Robo rumble are currently the only two things that have made their way from Project Laser to Brawl Stars. For more info check Brawl Stars secret history here.

Colonel Ruffs among other Concept sketches for Project Laser
Colonel Ruffs among other Concept sketches for Project Laser

3. Pam was called MamaJ earlier while Mortis had a hat

Pam, the junker when revealed in the Brawl Talk was named Mama J. The name was used to convey her relationship with Jessie. Pam is Jessie’s mother and when she away doing work she engages the services of a nanny, Nani.

Mama J
Mama J as shown in Brawl Talk

Another interesting fact was that Mortis was originally released with a hat and later sometime in beta it was removed The fans didn’t like the change and finally, Supercell decided to add the Hat back, and hence when unlocking Mortis players get two skins one the default one with no hat and the other one called Top Hat Mortis.

Hat vs No Hat Mortis
Hat vs No Hat Mortis

The fans didn’t like the change and finally, Supercell decided to add the Hat back and hence when unlocking Mortis players get two skins one the default one with no hat and the other one called Top Hat Mortis

4. Darryl : The most tweaked brawler

Darryl, the double-barrel shotgun-wielding pirate has seen the most balance changes. His kit has completely changed and all his skills like a normal attack, super, star power have been tweaked. Initially, Darryl was very similar to Bull but instead of one shotgun he had two and there was a slight delay in between which made him a weaker version of Bull. The most interesting aspect of old Darryl was his super which was an insane 23.3 tiles long. The current version of Darryl is in stark contrast to the launch day Darryl owing to his distinguished record of most balance changes.

Fun fact: Colette and Lou remain the only two brawlers to have never received a nerf even after being in-game for over a year.

5. Portrait to Landscape: The most controversial update

Brawl Stars was in beta for around 18 months and saw various changes to all aspects of the game but once change that irked the community was the change in orientation. The game was changed from being played in portrait to landscape and completely changed the way players saw the maps and the way they shot.

Brawl Stars in Portrait ( Image Credits : Galadon Gaming)
Brawl Stars in Portrait

To add fuel to the fire tap to shoot was removed from the game and now players had a separate joystick for shooting. The uproar was huge but it was essential for Supercell to do as said by the then community manager, Ryan in a later Brawl Talk. Ryan said, “ I want to make it very clear, our decision was not portrait or landscape. Our decision was a landscape or kill.”

6. Duplicate Brawlers and custom Brawler upgrade

During the early days in beta on opening boxes players could get brawlers they had already unlocked, in return they got chips using which they could buy Brawlers from the shop. The chips players got depended on the rarity.

Old Brawler Upgrade Screen
Old Brawler Upgrade Screen

The brawler upgrade system was also very different from the current one and players were able to customize the stats which they want to upgrade and this system also introduced Star powers to the game. Players unlocked the badges, pins, and medals from the box and or alternatively could be bought from the shop. On getting all pins, medals, or badges for each section, crests were unlocked, and unlocking all crests unlocked the star power option.

7. Players could beat Brawl Stars in Beta

In beta, players could technically beat the game as the developers had kept a limit on the maximum achievable trophies. The trophy cap was set at 500 trophies for brawlers and on reaching that players could not progress any further, also at that time there used to be no season resets so players had no incentive to play after reaching 500 trophies for any brawler. There were a total of 16 brawlers in the game that put the cap at 8000 total trophies reaching which players could claim to have beaten brawl stars.

8. Heist had only one safe, Siege gave double the trophies

Game modes have seen a lot of changes since they were first introduced in-game like Smash and Grab being renamed to Gem Grab but undoubtedly the two game modes that have seen the biggest changes are Siege and Heist.

Heist used to have only one safe and the two teams were randomly assigned one side: Attack or defense. The problem was that it used to favor one side heavily which kept switching between the two based on the balance changes. On May 5th,2018 this was changed and Heist was changed to have two safes one for each side.

Siege when originally released was a game mode that clocked four and a half minutes which was almost double of other 3v3 games modes and to compensate for it players got double the rewards and on losing double the trophies were deducted. This caused a problem as high trophy players preferred playing siege making the matchmaking system skewed. The game mode was later reworked to match the length and rewards of other 3v3 game modes.

9. Barley used to 45% damage to heist safe

The robot Barley bartender had a slightly different mechanic for his super during the beta which when deployed in close proximity would concentrate. This meant that all 5 bottles that he throws during his super would stack and do a whopping 13,000 damage.

Barley in Heist 1.0 vs Spike in Heist 2.0
Barley in Heist 1.0 vs Spike in Heist 2.0

This meant that if Barley reached the enemy safe and threw his super he would wipe 45% HP of the safe with one super making Barley the most deadly brawler in Heist.

10. Multiple Spawners from one Brawler

Jessie and Nita were two brawlers who had the ability to spawn on-field support during the early stages of beta. During that phase, it may have seemed quite normal to let them place multiple spawners but soon it turned out that the supers could be chained, and having 2 or 3 spawners cause a lot of trouble to the enemies. Fixing the flaw, the system was changed to allow only one of the spawners to be on the battlefield.

Honorable Mention – Life leech

Showdown has always been plagued by teamers and to counter that various measures have been taken one of which was introducing event modifiers. Among the modifiers, the fan-favorite modifier was Life Leech. The idea of the modifier is to incentivize players to kill as brawlers’ health would decay over time and to heal players’ need to deal damage to enemies. Unfortunately, the game mode was removed as Supercell said the event was difficult for new players to understand. The game mode was added back during the Brawl-o-Ween update in 2019 in the form of Graveyard Shift.

That’s all for today folks! Hope you enjoyed our top best Brawl Stars facts. Go out and flaunt your information and share it with your friends.

That’s all for today’s Top 10 Best Brawl Stars Facts. How many of these Top best Brawl Stars Facts did you already know? Let us know in the comment section below!

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