Top 10 Best Mobile Games of November 2020

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We know that 2020 has been a pretty difficult year for people and gamers all over the world, and a lot of people have lost a considerable amount of time to work by working from home instead of enjoying some quality time and checking out the latest releases from developers, which is why in this Best Games list article we’ve picked the Top 10 Best Mobile games for November so you wouldn’t have to do it yourself.

Best Mobile Games of November 2020

10. MPL Rogue Heist

This is one of the latest free to play online multiplayer shooter for mobile. It was developed by an Indie game studio. The gameplay pits two different teams against each other to fight for the last team standing. Both teams have to compete for the highest skills as well as come first in other objectives too. The game modes consist of 3, which are Heist, Brawl, and Gang War.


Each match lasts for 10 minutes, giving both teams enough time to rival against each other and to see who comes out victorious. Overall, it’s an amazing game to play if you’re a fan of multiplayer shooters. The gameplay is cool, with stunning controls and unique graphics to go along. This game is currently only available for Android users.

9. Flight The Valley

best android and iOS games november 2020

This is an insane looking open-world Adventure game. The game features a decent open-world experience almost similar to Nimian Legends as it involves shapeshifting and free-roaming. The controls are also very impressive looking, along with its dynamic weather systems.


In this game, you play as a monk who has the ability to shapeshift and turn into a Raven bird and soar the skies of the Scenic Ambien. However, the game does not offer much at all. It is simply an open-world free-roaming game with no missions or objectives. Flight the Valley is currently only available for Android users.

8. House Flipper Mobile

It’s really exciting that House Flipper finally made its way to the Mobile Platform. This is a cool simulation game where the player takes on all sorts of odd domestic jobs for clients in turn for money, to enable you to purchase messed-up houses and fix them up to make them look completely new and then sell them off for a high price.

The game offers a first-person perspective and a cool looking 3D graphics to go along. Not to mention it provides a commendable at-home experience as well. You get to fix your house and place objects where they belong. Think of it like buying furniture for your home when playing The Sims. Only this time, you’re not controlling a Sim, but you own a house that needs to be worked on. So get to work on decorations and building a house from scratch.

7. Far Lone Sails

best android and iOS games november 2020

This is a strange and stylish looking adventure game that puts the protagonist on a weird and unusual looking transport vehicle of some sort. The world in which you find yourself is not only desolate but beautiful too. As you progress with your character, your vehicle will need to be maintained on a regular basis and looked after.

You’d have to manage your fuel supply, keeping your vehicle in shape, and looking for alternate routes when you stumble upon a roadblock. The game graphics are pretty good and unusual. The controls are dope, and the gameplay is not very bad either.

6. Red Storm Vietnam

best android and iOS games november 2020

This one takes place during the Vietnam war and using a large set of maps based on historical settings. The concept of the game looks very similar to past games of its kind such as battlefield Vietnam.

The game offers a third-person shooter, with tons of war vehicles at your disposal and the game offers pretty sleek graphics considering the size. Also, players get to play either online or offline.

5. MMC Racing

This is a classic Racing game where you’ll take on the challenge to race and try to beat classic American and Australian muscle cars from the late ’60s to ’90s.

You can take the race all the way through the mountains and hills and winding roads which will definitely put your driving skills to the test. The game also offers a large variety of classic cars which you’ll get to use as you progress. Anyhow, the game’s graphics are decent and controls are good.

4. Action Taimanin

This is an action hack and slash game where players get to control several characters and choose their fighting styles and weapons. The game offers a nice set of controls and uses insane combos to make things more interesting.

The game is based on the actual Action Taimanin series and features playable characters from all of the games. The game takes place in an alternate future in Japan where you’ll have to fight demons who have crossed over from the dark side. Action Taimanin also gives players access to a private room where players can relax, post, and enjoy 3D models of their favorite character(s).

3. Blockbusters

best android and iOS games november 2020

Blockbusters is a competitive 3D online multiplayer shooter PVP 3rd person hero shooter with amazing 3D graphics and captivating gameplay. Players are free to choose any hero they think fits their playing and fighting styles and dive into battle.

Players can also participate in fast-paced matches and challenge players worldwide in a multiplayer shootout. In addition, each character possesses their own unique skill which makes them special from the rest. Overall, the game’s control is accurate and the graphics are really commendable.

2. The Survivalists

This is yet another almost self-explanatory game where your protagonist awakens and finds himself stranded on the beach of a huge island and must find ways to survive long enough to develop means of getting out of there alive. And like every other survival game there is, you start off by gathering basic items you need to survive such as food, trees, rocks, etc. You’re able to craft only a limited number of usable items.

This time, you can use monkeys. Monkeys are all over the island, and it wouldn’t hurt to befriend some. You can train them to do pretty much anything you can do. Ultimately, it’s a good survival game that you can spend time on and tackle your friends online. Currently, the game is available exclusively for iOS users on Apple Arcade.

1. Badlanders

best android and iOS games november 2020

This is an amazing looking shooter from NetEase. In this game, 25 players will all enter the battlefield each with their own objective to complete. And like every battle royale game out there, if you get iced, you’ll lose all the items you’ve looted when you were alive.

Likewise, if you manage to survive, you’ll be able to sell or trade all the loots you accumulated from the game with other players. The game does need a bit of work to become an overall sensation, but still, it’s an impressive battle royal and it offers some pretty unique features that you might interesting in. You can read our coverage on Badlanders here.

Well, that’s it guys, we hope you’ve enjoyed our list for the best new Mobile games of November 2020. These are all new games, which means it wouldn’t hurt to leave the developer positive or negative feedback that can help them improve the game on an update.

What are your opinions on this best Mobile games of November 2020 list? Do let us know in the comments section below!

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