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Tower of Fantasy: List of all the expected SSR characters to arrive after Lin

A lot of Simulacrum Banners are releasing in the upcoming months!

Tower of Fantasy has been consistently putting out new Simulacrum banners for each version update, especially in the Global servers. Since CN servers are quite ahead in terms of content and banners, Hotta Studio has been making sure to have the Global version kept at a faster pace to closely catch up with the CN version. With that being said, here is a general timeline guide of the expected SSR characters banners that will be released in future version updates of Tower of Fantasy. Note that the timeline banner is not fairly accurate, just pure speculation derived from the CN banner timeline and general rumors found through the community.  

Expected SSR Characters Banners Timeline of Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy Version 2.1 

Tower of Fantasy Version 2.1  Tower of Fantasy expected SSR characters
Image via Level Infinite

Currently, Tower of Fantasy is in its 2.1 Version with Lin’s Simulacrum banner running at present, released just recently on November 22nd, 2022. After her banner, Lyra and Tian Lang will be released, in that order. Even though it is from speculation, their banner is more or less confirmed due to the promotional teasers of the version update and the data-mined content. 

Lyra (Dec 22nd to January 12th)

Lyra is a clone amongst all the others. She is the last remaining one that has not defied the system and set herself free from the restrains. On the surface level, she seems composed and closed off, not showing any hints of emotions not even when she was destroying her other clones. Lyra is a Physical Support whose main purpose is providing Healing. 

Tian Lang (Jan 13th to Feb 2nd)

In the yellow sand of Vera, every living being is struggling to survive, and people under the protection of the light of technology enjoy a unique surplus. The Mirroria Ecological Incubator has been established for a long time. Tian Lang, the executive officer led a series of environmental renovation plans aimed at bringing people a better life. Tian Lang is a Volt DPS weapon

Tower of Fantasy Version 2.2

Tower of Fantasy Version 2.2 ower of Fantasy expected SSR characters
Image via Level Infinite

Annabella (Feb 3th to Feb 24th) 

Annabella is a happy-go-lucky maid café worker attending to customers in the daytime, and a vigilante crime-fighter at night time. Her duality knows no bounds. She wields a hefty long gun while fighting in the streets of Mirrors. Annabella is a Flame DPS weapon

Alyss (Feb 25th to March 15th)

Alyss is an over-enthusiastic fighter and a direct subordinate under Captain Saki Fuwa in the Mirroria Security Special Forces. She looks up to Saki Fuwa and is headstrong in proving herself. Alyss is an Ice DPS weapon

Tower of Fantasy Version 2.3

Tower of Fantasy Version 2.3
 Tower of Fantasy expected SSR characters
Image via Level Infinite

Umi (March 15th to April 5th) 

A self-proclaimed aspiring Magician like no other, Umi is set to prove everyone wrong with her magic abilities. Although she seems bubbly on the outside, don’t let her looks deceive you from her true devious nature. Umi is a Physical DPS weapon that wields a whip.  

Fenrir (April 6th to April 26th)

Fenrir is a wild child of a case, who happens to make Dorothy want to leave and never turn back. Calm as she may be, when no parental figure is not in the vicinity, she unleashes her wild and mischievous side just like any other kid. Fenrir is a Volt DPS weapon

Tower of Fantasy Version 2.4+ 

Tower of Fantasy Version 2.4+
Image via Level Infinite

Version 2.4 might have some possible playable characters based on the Tower of Fantasy CN Version 2.3 PV. This is pure speculation based on the characters we see from the Trailer although it is not confirmed whether these characters may even have banners or not, it is based on their distinct character designs from the rest. Some of the notable names being showcased are:

  • Icarus (April 27- May 17)
  • Majorette Baton Flame (May 18- May 28)
  • Rubilia

Rubila who is rumored to be Nemesis’s mother is shown to be in the trailer. Although there are doubts about whether she will be playable or not since it’s said that she may be a potential Boss in future updates. A Nemesis Rerun may possibly show up between Version 2.2 and 2.3.  

What are your thoughts about our article to the expected SSR characters timeline in Tower of Fantasy? Let us know in the comments below!

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