Top 5 best mobile games inspired by ancient Egypt

Now meet the Pharaohs on your mobile!

When looking for new mobile games to play, you are sure to notice that Ancient Egypt is a popular setting. But why does this culture still fascinate us so much that it is often used as a theme?

The power of exploration and hidden secrets

One of the things that many players love to do is explore and discover hidden secrets. The appeal of the pyramids, mummies, and buried treasures make Egypt an easy option in this respect. Many of the culture’s classic images and symbols are easily recognizable, meaning that players know what to expect and are ready to get started right away.

1. Inside the pyramid: the tomb of the Pharaoh

Tomb Raider-style exploration games are always popular. Inside the Pyramid: The Tomb of the Pharaoh by MMeGames takes you on a trip deep inside a pyramid as you look to discover the secret tomb that is located here.

2. Mummy Shooter

Mummy Shooter from Blue Shark games adds more action by letting you take on hordes of mummies as you hunt for treasure among the tombs. The game is currently available

Additionally, The Book of Dead slot by Play’n GO follows the adventures of an explorer named Rich Wilde over five reels, with free spins and expanding wilds among the key features. According to this guide to casinos online, free spins are available to new players on sites such as Rizk, Pocket Play, and Mr. Green. We can also see free spins offered on various other Egypt-themed slots at Gslot. It is perhaps fair to say then, that offers and bonuses also contribute to the popularity of the theme in gaming.

The challenge of building a new civilization

Another way of playing games based on this legendary culture is by building up your own civilization through good use of resources and making alliances or declaring war on others who are living around you. This type of empire-building game is extremely popular and is perfectly suited to Egypt too, as it lets us see the empire flourish and grow thanks to our strategies.  

1. Age of Pyramids: Ancient Egypt

Age of Pyramids: Ancient Egypt by Frismos Games is a good example of how this works, as players are set the challenge of building their own civilization on the banks of the Nile. You can build temples, breed fantastic creatures, and summon well-known Egyptian deities such as Anubis, Horus, and Osiris as your population grows in front of your eyes.

2. Predynastic Egypt Lite

Another mobile game of this type is called Predynastic Egypt Lite by Clarus Victoria. In this turn-based simulation strategy, you have to guide the nation through a series of challenges and help them to prosper in the face of droughts and other difficulties.

3. Tap Tap Civilization: Idle City Building Game

Tap Tap Civilization: Idle City Building Game by NLABSOFT Co., Ltd gives you the task of building a new civilization on the desert sands and seeing it advance as you upgrade your buildings. You start off with a camel tent and need to progress through the village phase before you can build structures like pyramids and the sphynx.

It seems unlikely that the culture of Ancient Egypt is going to lose its appeal, with many games of different types now offered. No matter what kind of game you like to play, you are almost certain to find something that is interesting to you with an Egyptian theme.   

What are your thoughts on as ancient Egypt seems to be a redundant yet exciting topic to feature on mobile games regularly? Drop-in your opinions in the comment section below!

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