16th International Mobile Gaming Awards winners are here

The winners of the prestigious 16th International Mobile Gaming Awards (IMGA) was announced late last week. IMGA is an annual competition and awards ceremony that honors outstanding games made for mobile devices. This year, the event was held online with an international jury of mobile gaming experts.

IMGA was founded by Maarten Noyons in 2004 and is based out of Marseilles, France. This year, there were a total of 500 submissions for 14 categories with 127 mobile games getting the opportunity of nomination. The experts got together for two days in Helsinki, Finland.

List of winners in 16th International Mobile Gaming Awards

  • Best Technical Achievement – Call of Duty Mobile
  • Best AR Game – Angry Birds AR Isle of Pigs
  • Best Meaningful Play – Dear Reader
  • Excellence in Innovation – What the Golf
  • Best Quickplay Game – Archero
  • Best VR Game – Akron Attack of the Squirrels
  • Excellence in Audio Design – Alien Blackout
  • People’s Choice Award – Hados 2
  • Excellence in Storytelling – Forgotten Anne
  • Excellence in Game Design – Figment: Journey Into the Mind
  • Excellence in Art – The Gardens Between
  • Excellence in Gameplay – Call of Duty Mobile
  • Best Game for 5G – Dragon Raja
  • Jury Honourable Mention – Sayonara Wild Hearts
  • Grand Prix – Sky: Children of The Light

Rules and Regulations of International Mobile Gaming Awards

1. When should the game be released?

The IMGA look at the year of the call for entries and award the best mobile games released in 2019. They also accept unpublished games. Those mobile games that are unpublished at the moment of entry can be published anytime after the entry.

2. Which countries are eligible?

It’s a Global competition and so there is no limitation or bar for any country. The only criteria remain that the game should have an English version.

3. Who can participate?

The game can be entered by anyone including individuals, indie developers, companies, researchers, students, and even non-registered entities. Even if you are a publisher, you can participate in the award.

4. What all should be provided to IMGA?

For entry to become eligible, a working link to one of the app stores along with a gameplay video, a description of the game, and an icon should be provided.

For an unpublished game, the entrant needs to provide a description, an icon, and a gameplay video should be provided.

Note: For any other mobile platform, you can directly contact IMGA MENA, by using the contact form or sending an email to

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