4X Strategy is one of the most monetized genres across Google Play

Google's Successful 4X Strategy Genre

Undoubtedly, Google is leading the app market in terms of various apps and games and it is safe to assume that there are various strategies for this. One of them is Google’s 4X Strategy which turns out to be the most successful strategy ever across Google Play. Basically, 4X strategy is a genre that combines real-time strategy, world-building, and RPG mechanics, where players ultimately engage in PVP-battles and build armies to attack and bases to defend. The “4X” is derived from the PC Genre, Exploring territory, Expanding the base of operations, Exterminating competition, and Exploiting resources. Google claims that this genre has the highest churn rate in any other genres available. 

Player’s behavior depends on the game genre

Reports say that players who are indulged in the strategic game are quite selective.

Core Genre Players
Source: Google Play

The graph shows that 35% of core Strategy players play stick to Strategy games. 19% and 21% of the players are RPG and MMORPG respectively. And, the rest of the players are choosing in between 3 genres. 

Loyal Players

Developers of strategy games are quite determined to create entertaining and long lasting contents, for extra earning. The longer the game sessions the higher revenue they earn. The developers also invest a good amount of money which is paid off from the loyal player base.

Genre Affinity

The reports and speculation determine the choice of the players while choosing a genre. Strategy games win by a huge gap from the rest of the genres. The graph down below indicates the players affinity towards each popular genre.

Genre Affinity Google 4X Strategy

Retention & Monetization in 4X Strategy


The normal D2 maintenance for 4X strategy games is simply underneath 23%. It is necessary for the developers to make investments in order to hold the player base. In the case of 4X genre, it implies that it will bind the players who casually play the game. The graph below provides detailed insights about retention growth.

D2 Retention Google 4X Strategy
Source: Google Play


It can be determined from the report source that, the spendings on the 4X Strategy games are flat. A game can increase its revenue by increasing the number of buyers or increasing the amount of spend from existing buyers (or a combination of both).

The graph above provides an overlook of monetization by looking at the Average Revenue per Daily Active User (ARPDAU) and Average Revenue per Paying User (ARPPU) to understand 4X strategy revenue growth.

Final Thoughts

With the implementation of 4X Strategy, the developers can now gain profit from the games they release even after years. Despite new games being released, the net profit won’t be harmed. Although, the developers must keep it in mind that they need to create high-quality game content in order to stand out among others.

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