AFK Arena 1.27 Update is bringing new heroes, new Voyage and more

Adventurers can get ready for another Update, the AFK Arena 1.27 Patch Notes are arriving on 13th November 2019 between 7:00 and 9:00 am UTC+0. It comes with quite some new additions and optimizations and it also introduced two new heroes to the game. A new mauler and a new graveborn hero. Don’t forget to collect the 600 diamonds as well!

Additions in the AFK Arena 1.27 Update

1. Formation

This one comes with some interesting implementations. There will be soon a new tab under your heroes section named “Formation”. You can set different formations of your teams, although the gears do not count, which you will still have to do manually. It unlocks at stage 5-40.

2. New filtering

Players are able to filter their heroes based on their type now additionally to their faction.

3. Wishlist improved

Be sure to not spend any diamonds before the patch notes arrive! The wishlist is getting an optimisation. The chance to produce Elite heroes from your wishlist has been raised, if you’re lucky enough to get Elite heroes. Those odds stay the same.

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4. Peaks of Time improvements

The following Peaks of Time adventures have updated their enemy formations:

  • The Unrelenting Blaze
  • Secrets of the Forest
  • The Far Frontier
  • The Ancient Ruins

The requirements for Secrets of the Forest to find the hidden passageway is removed.

5. Voyage of Wonders

Highburn Stronghold will be a new Voyage of Wonders adventure. People on the test servers can already play it.

6. Hogan changes

His level 2 and level 3 Knight Fury abilities get adjusted. They now say the following:

  • Lv.2: Damage increased by up to 260%
  • Lv.3: Damage increased by up to 320%

7. Miscellaneous

  • The player details page gets an update. Instead of showing Region and Country it will now only show the language.
  • Visual summoning effects at the Noble Tavern get optimised.
  • Visual animations of Mirael and Hogan get reworked.
  • Developer Feedback is out, check it out here on Reddit.

New heroes in this update

Two new heroes will join the fight in AFK Arena. Izold, the Forgotten Champion, once a lightbearer but now a graveborn. And Tidus, Shadowmane, born to become a slave but grew up to be a killer machine.

1. Izold – The Forgotten Champion

AFK Arena 1.27 Patch Notes Izold - The Forgotten Champion Introduction

This character relies on his health and can cause massive damage. Pairing him with other heroes that restore health might come in handy. Here are his Abilities:

  • Toxic Transfusion: Izold utilizes a powerful chemical agent that immediately restores 50% of the health he has already lost while also increasing his Haste by 20 points and Attack Rating by 35% for 12 seconds.
    • Level 81: Haste is increased for 15 seconds.
    • Level 161: Haste is increased for 18 seconds.
  • Noxious Blast: When Izold’s health is greater than 30% he will use his Noxious Gas ability, dealing damage equal to 3% of his own health as damage to nearby enemies. Noxious Gas also causes Izold to receive damage equal to 1% of his own health as damage.
    • Level 11: A noxious explosion occurs every 6 seconds, dealing 190% damage to nearby enemies, leaving them stunned for 3 seconds.
    • Level 101: Explosive damage is raised to 270% damage.
    • and Level 181: Explosive damage is raised to 340% damage.
  • Needle Strike: Izold charges into a single enemy target, stunning them and knocking them backwards, finally stabbing the enemy with his needle for 190% damage.
    • Level 121: Final attack damage increased to 270% damage.
    • Level 201: Final attack damage increased to 340% damage.
  • Hypodermic Healing: Izold injects himself, restoring 16 % of the health he’s already lost per second over 8 seconds.
    • Level 141: Restores 18% of lost HP per second.
    • Level 221: Restores 20% of lost HP per second.

2. Tidus – Shadowmane

AFK Arena 1.27 Patch Notes Tidus - Shadowmane Introduction
Tidus – Shadowmane

The new hero, Tidus is going to be a strong unit, moving fast, dealing burst damage as well as AOE. It is important to make the enemy move after Frenzied Strikes, so better not pair him with someone like Tasi, who makes the foes fall asleep. Here are his Abilities in detail:

  • Twisted Fate: Tidus spirals into a whirlwind that engulfs the battlefield, dealing 160% damage to all enemies that he passes, finally pouncing on the weakest enemy target for 180% damage.
    • Level 81: Final pounce deals 200% damage.
    • Level 161: Final pounce deals 220% damage.
  • Frenzied Strikes: Tidus slices the enemy standing in front of him in a vicious five-stage attack, dealing 60% damage per attack to the target. Due to profuse blood loss, the enemy target suffers 65% damage per second over 8 seconds whenever they move.
    • Level 21: Damage of each attack is raised to 70% damage per attack.
    • Level 101: Blood loss lasts for 12 seconds when moving.
    • And Level 181: Damage of each attack is raised to 80% damage per attack.
  • Battle Howl: Tidus let’s out a ferocious howl that terrifies his enemies, causing them to flee his from his vicinity for 5 seconds. After howling, Tidus’ movement speed is increased by 35% and his Attack Rating is increased by 20% for 10 seconds.
    • Level 121: Attack Rating is increased up to 30%.
    • Level 201: Nearby allies also receive a movement speed and Attack Rating increase.
  • Savagery: Tidus viciously and persistently attacks an enemy whose health is lower than 50% of its maximum until they are slain. While using this ability, the Attack Rating of Tidus’ normal attacks is increased by 35%.
    • Level 141: Life Leech level is raised by 40 while pursuing a weakened enemy.
    • Level 221: Attack Rating is increased up to 50%.

What is your opinion about this new AFK Arena 1.27 update? Do let us know in the comments below!

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