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AFK Arena 1.32 Update: New Hero, Union and other features

A new AFK Arena 1.32 Update is coming out soon, the date has not been announced as of yet, but it will most likely happen within the next few days. This update is coming with some new features and a new hero and union.

New Wilder Hero, Solise

We have talked about leaked heroes a while back, and 2 out fo 3 have been released. And now it’s time for the third one, Solise, the Floral Wonder.

Solise the Floral Wonder Art

Solise’s Abilities

solise skill 1 blossom fall

Blossom Fall: Solise deals 280% damage to all enemies on the battlefield, leaving them temporarily stunned. Using this ability causes cherry blossom leaves to fall upon the battlefield for 20 seconds. While cherry blossom leaves are falling, all of Solise’s other abilities will gain a power increase.
Level 81: Damage increased by up to 330%.
Level 161: Damage increased by up to 380%

solise skill 2 floral disruption

Floral Disruption: Solise throws a vial at a single enemy target, dealing 200% damage to them, causing them to become temporarily stunned. When “Blossom Fall” is occurring, enemies in close proximity to the original target will also from suffer this ability’s effects.
Level 21: Damage increased by up to 215%.
Level 101: Stun effect lasts for up to 3 seconds.
Level 181: Damage increased by up to 230%.

solise skill 3 floral spectre

Floral Specter: Solise summons a Floral Specter that possesses 50% of Solise’s health which remains on the battlefield for 15 seconds. When “Blossom Fall” is occurring, the Floral Specter will deal 90% worth of Solise’s Attack Rating as damage to nearby enemies.
Level 121: When an enemy attacks the Floral Specter, it will deflect 50% of the damage it receives back onto the enemy.
Level 201: When an enemy attacks the Floral Specter, it will deflect 80% of the damage it receives back onto the enemy.

solise skill 4 forest's blessing

Forest’s Blessing: Solise blesses an allied hero for 8 seconds. While the blessing is active, the amount of damage dealt to the ally is reduced by 20% and the ally recovers 70% worth of Solise’s Attack Rating as health per second.
Level 141: Blessing effects persist while “Blossom Fall” is occurring on the battlefield.

More Unions are being introduced in AFK Arena 1.32 Update

afk arena 1.32 update new unions

The first new union being The Young & Old, consisting of Hendrik and Gwyneth. The second one called Titans of Time with Orthros and Zolrath.

Resetting Faction on Equipment

afk arena 1.32 update Equiptment Faction type reset

A new feature has been added to reset faction types on Mythic and greater equipment. Items to reset them can be found in the next Weekly Quests after finishing Chapter 17.

Additional Changes

  • Belinda, EironnAntandra, and Baden are now part of the Challenger Store.
  • New Voyage of Wonders, The Frozen Ground, starts 13/02/2020 at 17:00 on the test servers.
  • Added an overview of Dimensional hero ascensions from the purchase screen.
  • When placing heroes you want to ascend in the ‘Temple of Ascension’, the game now automatically helps you allocate lower quality heroes required for the ascension.
  • Optimized the interactive editing system for ‘Prime Heroes’ on the player details page.
  • Antandra: Fixed a bug where ‘Piercing Assault’ would sometimes charge at the wrong target.
  • Thoran: Optimized the damage reduction mechanism for the ‘Retaliation’ ultimate. The Fallen King will no longer be immune from damage due to his current gear when charging the ultimate, preventing him from retaliating properly.
    • Fixed a bug where the ‘King’s Will’ ability could fail to work properly.
    • Fixed a potential counting bug in ‘King’s Will’.
  • Estrilda: Fixed a bug where the Joust ultimate could mess with character gravity.
  • Rosaline: Fixed a bug where Rosaline could start following allied summoned creatures.
    • Optimized Motivation and Afternoon Tea to preference non-summoned allied characters.
  • Wu Kong: Fixed a bug where Wukong’s clones could become permanently invincible with certain relics.
  • Shemira: Fixed a bug where Silence could lead to strange behaviours in targets’ movements.
  • Ulmus: Fixed some character animations.
  • Kaz: Fixed some character animations.

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