Leaked heroes in AFK Arena found in the game files

Fans have uncovered and leaked heroes in AFK Arena. A Wilder, Lightbearer and a Celestial. It is not official, when and if they will be released, but here is what has been found and speculated. Be aware, that none of this has been stated officially!

Leaked Heroes in AFK Arena

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Potential future heroes?

A small white Wilder Kitsune – Solise

She is holding, what seems like, potions at her hips. From the looks of it, she will be a supporting character for the backline of the game. Either agility or intelligence.

A bearded Lightbearer King – Arthur

Wielding a big sword and looking rather buff, makes it looks like a dealing damaging tank. His type will most likely be strength, as opposed to agility or even intelligence. He is apparently from a different world and not the current king of Esperia of the lightbearers. People have found some information on his skills and are speculating, that he will be quite OP and unbalance. What are your thoughts on it?


  • Smite – Arthur will claim Excalibur from a lake the first time this ability is used. Once he is wielding the Lake Excalibur, Arthur’s normal attacks will be greatly strengthened. Any subsequent uses of this ability will then deal 300% AoE damage to enemies in front of Arthur.
  • Excalibur’s Fury – Arthur uses his sword to form a blade aura that deals 160% damage to all enemies that it passes through. If Arthur is using the Lake Excalibur, he will form an additional 2 air blades that target the enemies to his sides. Any enemies that are struck by multiple blade auras will receive 50% less damage from subsequent attacks.
  • King’s Blessing – Arthur thrusts his sword into the ground, creating a small shockwave that deals 150% damage to nearby enemies, simultaneously forming a shield around himself which is equal to 300% of his attack rating’s value. If Arthur is wielding the Lake Excalibur, an additional aura that lasts for 5 seconds will be cast upon the ground, reducing the amount of damage inflicted upon all allied heroes that are standing within it by 20%.
  • Shield of Honor – Attacks that strike Arthur face on deal 20% less damage to him.

Signature Item

  • Arthur rallies his team, raising the attack frequency of normal attacks for all allies standing behind Arthur by 50%.
    • [+10 Unlocks] He rallies his team, raising the Crit Rating for all allies standing behind Arthur by 20%. [+20 Unlocks] Arthur is impervious to any enemy control abilities when there are two or more rallied allies on the battlefield. [+30 Unlocks] Arthur will recover 3% of his max health every second when there are two or more rallied allies on the battlefield.

A yet unnamed Celestial hero – Phoenix

She has similarities to Athalia and is wielding some form of a flame sword. Since she looks similar to Athalia, she might be another agility based Celestial. A strength one would be welcoming change, though.

What else might be coming?

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We have already talked about the newest patch that will be coming out, but else does the future hold in this game? Lilith is continuing to push their game and improve it. Fans have shared the leaked heroes in AFK Arena on their official Subreddit, join the discussion here.

What do you speculate about these leaked heroes in AFK Arena? Comment down below and don’t forget to join our Discord Server!

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