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EvoCreo 2 is announced to come out in Autumn 2020

EvoCreo 2 is announced by ilmfinity on their Instagram page. A continuation to a much-enjoyed RPG. Collect various beasts in the wild and defeat your enemies with them.

What is EvoCreo?

It’s an RPG monster collection and battling game, with focus on gameplay and customisation. As an Evoker travel through the world of Zenith, populated by wild Creos.. the monster you can collect and battle. Creos roam in the tall grass of the world.

You can level up your Creos by battling other teams and earning XP. Your Creo will level up faster when their loyalty is increased towards you. A Creo that trusts you will level up twice as fast, while a Creo that is not loyal, will level up slower.

A party contains five Creo monsters, they will all travel alongside your adventure. For more information feel free to check out their fandom wiki page.

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What is new in EvoCreo 2?

Not much has been released as of yet about the next game. We’re assuming it will have a similar gameplay and battle system as EvoCreo 1. On their Instagram page, they have already provided a sneak peek of the new starter Creos.

EvoCreo 2 Starter
EvoCreo 2 Starter Creos

They have also talked about having a new art style for the game. They say it will be utilised in EvoCreo 2, although no game screenshots have been shown. In comparison, EvoCreo 1 is in a pixel art style. We’re looking forward to how the new style will look in EvoCreo 2!

EvoCreo 2 is announced with an open beta as well

Ilmfimity posted that EvoCreo 2 is announced to come out in autumn 2020. Over the next months, more news will come out about the game and as well es previews and game screenshots. The open beta will also happen over the summer.

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