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AFK Arena Jagna is answering Community Questions

AFK Arena Jagna, part of the community team, was answering community questions in a recent video. The Q&A was probably made when the Midwinter Festivities were ongoing, so it answers them from that time!

AFK Arena Jagna answering Community Questions

afk arena jagna community team q&a

Should I Ascend?

The community often wonders when and whom to ascend, so Jagna is trying to help out. There are three tiers of heroes in AFK Arena; Common, Legendary and Ascended.

Common Heroes are green and cannot be ascended at all and get useless pretty quickly. They can be retired in the Rickety Cart.

Legendary Heroes are blue and they can be ascended up to Legendary+ at level 160. Great for early and mid-game.

Ascended Heroes are purple and are the majority of heroes in the game. They can be ascended up to the Ascended 5 Star tier. These are the ones you’ll need to have for late game.

Fodder heroes are units you will use up to ascend another hero. A good rule of thumb is to not use Ascended Heroes as fodder and only Legendary.

Should I use Stargazer?

You should if there is a specific hero that you need to ascend. But if you still need fodder, Noble Tavern is the way to go.

AFK Arena Wishlist

The wishlist can be found in the Noble Tavern and is very useful to get your desired heroes. There seem to be some misconceptions about the wishlist feature, so Jagna is trying to clear things up.

Your chances don’t increase to get the hero if there is only one hero on the wishlist. It works best when it’s fully filled. Filling the wishlist out will not stop giving you Celestial and Hypogean heroes.

The way the wishlist works is that if you happen to draw an Elite Hero from a faction, the chances of getting your desired hero from that faction are raised. It will not increase your Elite Hero drop rate, it only increases the drop rate of your desired heroes.

Why is AFK Arena so popular?

To quote Jagna: “Because it’s awesome! But seriously, it’s you guys, that make it so awesome. The only reason AFK Arena can be so popular, is because you decided to play it, to enjoy it, to talk about it with other people, and to stay together with us. So, from the bottom of my heart, and from everyone in the team thank you! Now, we hope you’ll stay with us even longer and you’ll continue to build our amazing AFK Arena family.”

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Can we trade Heroes?

Not trade, but borrow. Every player can borrow a hero from one of their friends through the Mercenary System under the Friends tab. Every week you get the chance to borrow the heroes you need to overcome the challenges you’re in right now. Can’t defeat the current boss stages, because your Shemira is too weak? Borrow a stronger one from your friends!

Borrowing heroes will not affect the roster of the players, they can still use it like always.

Can we get Hero Skins?

Yes! Since recently a new Skin has been introduced for Brutus, and the AFK Arena Team loves to create more interesting skins for the heroes, like for Ice Shemira. And more will come as well.

Will AFK Arena open the Forum to Other Languages?

For now, the forum is only for English speaking players, but they’re looking for moderators to expand to more languages. They want to provide the best experience, so it may take time.

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