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Alchemy Stars celebrates its first anniversary with new characters, rewards and more

The Marshals in a Massive update is coming as well!

Level Infinite, the global publisher of popular games like Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt and Dune: Spice Wars, and developer Tourdog Studio announced their plans for the first anniversary of Alchemy Stars. The game, which mixes exhilarating RPG action and high-quality anime-inspired imagery with a huge tale, is celebrating its anniversary with new characters, in-game incentives, and an entirely new gameplay system.

Alchemy Stars anniversary update will introduce new gameplay features

In the world of Alchemy Stars, light and darkness collide. Aurorians and Caelestites have lived peacefully on the land of Astra for hundreds of years until they are forced to face a mysterious threat: dark creatures known as Eclipsites, sent to exterminate the Caelestites.

While exploring the world of Astra, players will discover the several factions in the game and will traverse a beautifully designed 2D world. Exotic locations include a bustling metropolis nestled beneath the world’s surface, a remote dwelling high atop Astra’s mountains, and other fascinating territories. Here are some of the new features and characters that will be introduced in the game:

Cloud Gardens

In order to prepare for their upcoming battle against the Eclipsites, our heroes return to Eraveil, where players will be introduced to their own home base. They’ll be able to gather resources, go fishing, and craft items and shelters to decorate their space, and invite other players for a visit. There are also plenty of aesthetically pleasing decor pieces that can be purchased through the shop to help players personalize their homes and make them truly their own

In Cloud Gardens, take a break from the battle. The Alchemy Stars anniversary provides a new way to play! Cloud Gardens is a new feature that allows gamers to relax and unwind on their own farm! Purchase things from the shop and customize them with decorations to create a personalized paradise. Friends may go to one other’s gardens, swap decorating ideas, and bond via shared hobbies.

A New Heroine Arrives: Grand Marshal Reinhardt

Grand Marshal Reinhardt
Image via Tencent

During the Alchemy Stars anniversary celebration, the Grand Marshal of Illumina, Reinhardt herself, makes her spectacular entrance! Everyone in Illumina is aware of her rebellious and unconstrained personality, yet those closest to her will grow to know her as a kind and selfless leader. Reinhardt fights with the protagonists against Forsakin and the Eclipsites, using her battle-proven Pentastar lance and potent lightning-based skills.

New Story Episodes: A Hero’s Return

With the launch of the Anniversary update, new and exciting Episodes will be added to Alchemy Star’s storyline. After spending many years away, Reinhardt, the Grand Marshal of Illumina’s defense force, was recalled back to Illumina. Together with her companion Carleen, she began the long journey. Meanwhile, during a routine overhaul of the Colossus, the mechanical giant suddenly and unexpectedly initiated its start-up protocol, forcing it to lose control and take to the skies.

A Hero's return
Image via Tencent

By tracking the Colossus through its internal systems, our heroes were able to determine its destination: the desolate valley of Eraveil, the home of the Colossus’s production factory. Just as the heroes ventured past the outskirts of Illumina on their quest to find the Colossus, they caught the attention of the Eclipsites. Determined to claim the Colossus for their own evil designs, they began to follow. 

Amazing rewards are up for grabs during the anniversary week

Players that log in during Alchemy Stars’ anniversary week will receive wonderful in-game gifts, including Luambers, which can be swapped for Aurorian recruiting, a free six-star Aurorian, and more. “We’re immensely proud of the content we’ve produced during the first year of Alchemy Stars,” said the Art Director from Tourdog Studio. “Now, as we come to the first anniversary, we’re thrilled to reward the players who made this milestone possible with new ways to enjoy the game!

Are you excited for the first anniversary updates in Alchemy Stars? Let us know in the comments below!

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