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Alchemy Stars x Persona 5 Royal collaboration will feature The Phantom Thieves

The event runs from July 14 to August 3, 2022!

A limited-time collaboration event will shortly bring the Phantom Thieves from Persona 5 Royal to Alchemy Stars. Today, Level Infinite and Tourdog Studio will reveal the five adored Persona 5 Royal characters and give you a first peek at the unique scenario spanning numerous episodes specific to this crossover, which will take place from July 14 to August 3, 2022.

Join the Phantom Thieves in Alchemy Stars and Persona 5 Royal collaboration

Joker, Fox, Queen, Violet, and the naughty but adored Mona—the heroes of Persona 5 Royal—will join Alchemy Stars during the collaboration event. Through a temporary banner, players who join during the crossover event will be accessible for recruitment.

Players will go with the Phantom Thieves through a unique crossover adventure with many unexpected turns. Players will go through the heart of Umbraton in this new scenario while walking under the shadow of the moon, finally coming into contact with the fabled Phantom Thieves who have ended up in a strange new realm. In this thrilling quest, learn where the Shadows that plague Umbraton really come from! Players will have a tonne of Persona fun with this unique narrative.

Magic and technology are perfectly incorporated into Alchemy Stars’ environment and gameplay mechanisms. The fighting in this game is unique because it combines RPG, Gacha, and strategy components, and each stage offers a different challenge. Players may build their ideal party, collect a tonne of distinctive characters, and engage in battle using the game’s distinct tile-connecting gameplay.

Persona 5 Royal Alchemy Stars collaboration
Image via Tourdog Studio

Alchemy Stars’ universe is a place where light and darkness converge. For centuries, Aurorians and Caelestites coexisted happily on the continent of Astra until they were confronted with a sinister threat: evil beings known as Eclipsites ordered to wipe out the Caelestites. Players will uncover the six diverse factions in the game as they go through the gorgeously rendered 2D world of Astra.

Are you excited about the Persona 5 Royal Alchemy Stars collaboration event? Let us know in the comments below!

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