All Mobile games (Android and iOS) releasing in January 2024

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Prepare to dive into the future of gaming as we begin the new year with an incredible lineup of mobile games for Android and iOS! Prepare to embark on exciting adventures, overcome challenges, and discover the latest in gaming features. From action-packed battles to mind-bending puzzles, January 2024 promises to be a gaming extravaganza for your mobile devices. In this article, we’ll provide you with a list of upcoming mobile games (Android and iOS) that will be released in January 2024.

List of upcoming mobile games releasing in January 2024

Game NameRelease DateLinks
Wonderers: Eternal WorldJanuary 8thGoogle Play Store/App Store
Triple TownJanuary 8thApp Store
Blade X: Odyssey of HeroesJanuary 9thGoogle Play Store/App Store
Devil May Cry: Peak of CombatJanuary 10thGoogle Play Store/App Store
Buriedbornes 2January 10thGoogle Play Store/App Store
RPG Alphadia I & IIJanuary 11thGoogle Play Store/App Store
Extraordinary: MonsterJanuary 12thApp Store
Arcado ChampsJanuary 15thGoogle Play Store/App Store
Wheelie CityJanuary 16thApp Store
Soul Strike: idle RPGJanuary 17thGoogle Play Store/App Store
AEW: Rise to the topJanuary 17thGoogle Play Store/App Store
Gears ForeverJanuary 17thApp Store
Art of RallyJanuary 18thGoogle Play Store/App Store
Guardian UntoldJanuary 18thGoogle Play Store/App Store
Welcome to my homeJanuary 18thGoogle Play Store/App Store
Love and DeepspaceJanuary 18thGoogle Play Store/App Store
Fantasy tales: sword and magicJanuary 18thGoogle Play Store/App Store
Extraordinary: TraceJanuary 20thApp Store
Methods: Detective competitionJanuary 22ndGoogle Play Store/App Store
UglyJanuary 23rdGoogle Play Store/App Store
Arena RenovationJanuary 24thApp Store
Reversed front: bonfireJanuary 24thApp Store
Horizon Island: Farm AdventureJanuary 24thGoogle Play Store/App Store
ToyverseJanuary 25thGoogle Play Store/App Store
Girls Tale: idle action RPGJanuary 26thGoogle Play Store/App Store
Three kingdoms: Strategy MOBAJanuary 27thGoogle Play Store/App Store
Disney SpeedstormJanuary 30thGoogle Play Store/App Store
One Punch Man: WorldJanuary 31stGoogle Play Store/App Store
From Eva with greenJanuary 31stApp Store
FashionVerse: Fashion MakeoverJanuary 31stGoogle Play Store/App Store
Atelier ReslerianaJanuary 31stGoogle Play Store/App Store
Devil slayerJanuary 31stGoogle Play Store/App Store
Plants warfareJanuary 31stGoogle Play Store/App Store
Dragon Rider IdleJanuary 31stGoogle Play Store/App Store
Devil Knights IdleJanuary 31stGoogle Play Store/App Store
Dark warrior IdleJanuary 31stGoogle Play Store/App Store
Boori’s spooky tales: idle RPGJanuary 31stGoogle Play Store/App Store
Lucifer idleJanuary 31stGoogle Play Store/App Store

Major Mobile Game releases to look forward in January 2024

1. Devil May Cry: Peak of combat

Release Date: 10th January, 2024

Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat precisely captures the essence of the Devil May Cry series. Players can interact with iconic characters like Dante, Vergil, Nero, and Lady, who are well-known among fans. Furthermore, players can explore classic Devil May Cry series locations such as the Gate of Cerberus, Courtyard, and Harbor, all of which have Gothic-style atmospheres.

Devil May Cry Panda Ray Monster Game Action Guide Cover
Image via NebulaJoy

The game’s Player vs. Player (PVP) mode is a standout feature for fans of Devil May Cry, who have always appreciated the dramatic showdowns between the brothers. In this mobile game, players can engage in exciting battles with their friends to show off their stylish combos. Furthermore, real-time matchmaking ensures that players can constantly challenge themselves and engage in exciting duels.

2. Love and Deepspace

Release Date: 18th January, 2024

Love and Deepspace features 3D artwork designed to refresh the visual aspect for players looking for a change from the common 2D animations found in mobile dating games. The game uses impactful, immersive, and story-aligned 3D art to ensure realistic interactions, whether on a Linkon City Arcade date or capturing moments with selfies.

Mobile games January 2024
Image via InFold Pte. Ltd.

Real-time 3D rendering ensures lifelike experiences, imbuing the gaming journey with an advanced appeal. Love and Deepspace, with its engaging cutscenes and intricately woven storylines, immerses players in the action. The customization suite provides numerous appearance options and a wide range of makeup choices, allowing players to immerse themselves in a deeply personalized experience.

3. Disney Speedstorm

Release Date: 30th January, 2024

Disney Speedstorm combines competitive racing with Disney’s beloved magic, creating a game that players of all ages will enjoy. The game’s thrilling racing action is complemented by stunning visuals, making each race a joyful and exciting experience.

Disney Speedstorm free codes
Image via Gameloft

The game features beautiful tracks, character cosmetics, and core racing gameplay, allowing players to immerse themselves in the enchanting world of karting. So buckle up, rev your engines, and get ready for a fast and exciting ride.

4. Atelier Resleriana

Release Date: 31st January, 2024

Atelier Resleriana, developed by KOEI TECMO GAMES and Akatsuki Games, is the latest entry in the popular franchise, which has already seen over 20 games released across multiple platforms. Takahiro, the Japanese novelist and writer known for works such as Yuki Yuna Is a Hero, has written a captivating narrative for this fantasy RPG.

atelier resleriana cover

The story is set in the realm of Lantarna, where alchemy once thrived thanks to the blessings of a white comet. In a world where alchemy has faded with the departure of a comet, Resna, an aspiring alchemist, meets Valeria, a girl who has no memory. Resna travels to the World’s End, driven by hope, in search of the miracles of the vanished comet. Valeria, now a member of the Moonlight Society, works amid lost memories. As their paths cross, their fates intertwine, and a grand adventure begins.

5. One Punch Man: World

Release Date: 31st January, 2024

One Punch Man: World, as an officially licensed One Punch Man IP, will provide the same engaging environment as the series’ anime and manga. This would allow fans of the original series to enjoy the game even more on their devices because they would be able to connect to it more easily. The developers have also promised an interactive art style that will make players feel involved in the game.

One Punch Man World Beginners Guide
Image via Perfect World Games

The game will be an ideal release for players and fans of the popular anime and manga series, as they will be able to explore the interactive city while also defeating enemies and unique monsters from the original series. There is a lot to do in the new One Punch Man: World, which provides enormous depth to fans and players of the series.

Which game are you looking to play from the list of top Mobile games (Android and iOS) releasing in January 2024? Do let us know in the comments section below!

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