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Apex Legends Mobile Leaks suggest the arrival of Crypto, a new legend in season 2.5

A new Recon Legend coming soon in the game!

With the community hyped about season 2 of Apex Legends Mobile which introduces Legend DJ in the game, leaks hint at the arrival of another Legend, Crypto in mid-season 2. It has been more than a month since the title was released on mobile, and it is waiting for a legion of legends to be added to the existing list. After Legend DJ hit the scenes in season 2, the following most probable legend is Crypto.

The latest leaks from Apex Legends Mobile Leaker Leakers On Duty APEXM show that Emporium Skins related to Crypto have been found. This suggests the arrival of Crypto in season 2.5. While legend DJ aka Rhapsody is a mobile-exclusive legend, legend Crypto will be joining from its PC counterpart. Recent leaks also hint at the arrival of upcoming 14 new legends including Revenant, Fuse, and others. 

Introducing Crypto a Recon Legend, known for his hacking and encryption skills

Crypto already exists in the PC version of the game and was released back in season 3. Crypto is a Recon Legend, known for his hacking and encryption skills and utilizes aerial drones to covertly spy on his opponents on the battlefield. Surveillance Drone is his tactical ability and with his passive ability РNeurolink, he tracks down enemies. While remaining hidden in the shadows, he can trigger his ultimate ability, Drone EPM, to demolish enemies’ defenses and slow them.

Players are excited about season 2 as it is decked with new maps, game modes, events, and more. Anticipations about mid-season 2 and the possible updates are also high. Although there’s no official confirmation about the rumored legend, Crypto is the next most likely legend to emerge after DJ in Apex Legends Mobile Season 2.

What are your thoughts about leaks of the arrival of the new legend Crypto in Apex Legends Mobile? Let us know in the comments below!

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