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Apex Legends Mobile Olympus map is reportedly leaked

Players can look forward to exciting new turns in the game!

Season 2.5 of Apex Legends Mobile, Hyperbeat was released just a couple of days back, but the leakers seem to be one season ahead of everyone else. Through some leaked images, we have got to know that the Chinese version of Apex Legends Mobile is currently undergoing a test on a map named Olympus. Olympus is the fan-favorite map in the PC version of Apex Legends that boasts open space and serene scenery, and it is expected to land on the mobile version of the title in the next season. 

Olympus map could be arriving in Apex Legends Mobile Season 3

Going by the images posted by ThatOneGamingBot on Twitter, it is close to being confirmed that we can expect Olympus next season. The image shows a player’s point of view from the Olympus map, and the quality is something to note, as it’s quite remarkable for a mobile game. 

Furthermore, there are also images of the whole map from the dropship that can be seen below. One has to admit that this is one of the most beautiful scenes that can easily attract anyone’s attention. Trident is a super-fast vehicle that players can use to move around the map, and it is exclusive to Olympus only.

Apex Legends Mobile Olympus map
Image via Twitter

But unfortunately, there are no leaks of the vehicle yet. A notable fact is that all the map leaks have been found in the Chinese version of Apex Legends Mobile, and can’t be found elsewhere for now. 

Apex Legends Mobile Season 3 could introduce a new weapon, Rampage

Apart from the highlight of this article, it is also confirmed that we will have a new LMG in Apex Legends Mobile. Introduced in Apex Legends PC, Rampage LMG is the new weapon that will be arriving in the mobile World in the forthcoming season of the title. In the PC version, the weapon seems to pack with a unique mechanic.

It uses Thermite Grenades to charge itself and increase its fire rate by 30% for 90 seconds, thereby making it one of the deadliest weapons in the game. However, it is unsure if the same mechanic would be brought into the mobile version, for it could be too overpowered. 

Final Thoughts

The developers of Apex Legends Mobile seem to introduce a lot of action-packed content in Season 3. With the introduction of Crypto in the current season, players can’t wait to get their hands on the so-called Bloodhound’s big brother as he consists of abilities that are more effective than that of Bloodhound’s. And now, with the arrival of Olympus and the Rampage LMG in the mobile version of the title, the game is going to take a new turn towards its own betterment, thus attracting more people to the game. 

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