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Arena of Valor September 2019 Update: The complete patch notes

On September 25th 2019 Tencent launched the Arena of Valor September 2019 update. It came with several tweaks and balance changes to Heroes, Items and Enchantments. So, without further ado, let’s get right into it:

Arena of Valor September 2019 Update Overview

Hero Balance Changes; Official AoV Patch Notes September, Arena of Valor September 2019 Update
Official rundown of the latest AoV update on Twitter

Although the graphic was published as an official wrap-up, a couple of Hero adjustments weren’t mentioned. Don’t worry though, we’ll cover them in our Arena of Valor September 2019 update review.

Hero Changes

Even though Tencent shipped quite a lot of buffs, many of them aren’t too significant. While they do help their receivers to make better use of their respective kits, the majority of the buffed heroes still suffer from major flaws: Natalya remains incredibly vulnerable once an enemy gets close to her and Wiro’s skills still feel clunky and highly predictable.



HP growth: 327.5 → 352.5

Redeploy (Passive)
Max. Armor/ Magic Defense reduction: 30% → 15%


When 4 units are drawn, causes 460/800/1000/1200/1400/1600 (+2.8AD) shield → when 3 units are drawn, causes 600/810/1020/1230/1440/1650 (+2.7AD)

Removed: When an enemy hero is knocked away, refresh Cleave cooldown
Added: Cause Enchant on hit. If already Enchanted, deal True Damage


Arcane Spirits
+ 1m range, speed 12 → 13m/s
Cost: 70 + 5/LV → 60 + 5/ LV

Arcane Nova
+ 1m range
Cost: 80 + 10/LV → 70 + 10/LV

Lethal Rays
Cost: 120 + 20/ LV → 100 + 20/LV


Magic damage: 360 (+90/LV)(+0.54AP) → 400 (+100/LV)(+0.6AP)
If the enemy hero dies before being hit by the Thunderbird, reduce the cooldown by 80%


212 Pinnacle (Passive)
Physical Defense and Magic Defense reduction on self: 25% → 10%

212 Pummel
Additional damage: 100 (40/LV)(+0.15AD)
Charge time: 3s → 5s


Dragon’s Bane
Fixed a bug that caused knockback area to rear to be smaller than expected
Knockback distance no longer reduced by Resistance


Temporarily invincible while leaping


Cooldown: 8/7.5/6.5/6/5.5 → 6

First attack inflicts Silence for 1s.
Cooldown: 50/45/40 → 45/40/35


Death Rift
Movement speed reduction: 25% → 40%

Death’s Flurry
Heal 35/39/43/47/51 (+0.14 AD) HP when a target is hit

Nerfs: Goodbye Fennik

While the buffs didn’t exactly blow your mind, Tencent tuned down the most oppressive meta heroes quite a bit. These heroes will probably still remain rather contested picks, but they won’t be uncounterable anymore.

Diamond Dust
Charge time: 9/ 8.6/ 7.8/ 7.4/ 7 → 11 (-0.4/ LV)

Armor Bonus 600 → 300
Ultimate slowdown 30% → 20%

HP growth: 388 → 352.5

Zip Hex
Magic damage: 350 – 700 (+0.5AP) → 200 – 600 (+05.AP)
Removed: Daze

Zip Angry
Mana cost: 60 – 85 → 125 – 150

Zip Roll
Duration: 6s → 4s
Mana cost: 100 – 110 → 150 – 200
Movement speed decay increased, rebound needed to accelerate
CD recharge 20% – 5%

Base range: 7m → 6.75m

Blood of the Dragon (Passive)
True Damage: 74 – 130 (+0.25AD) → 72 – 100 (+0.20AD)

Lunge (Passive)
Physical damage: 80 (+8/LV)(+125% of bonus AD) → 80 (+8/LV)(+110% of bonus AD)
Temporary attack damage increase: 20% → 10%

Fixed a bug with skill range, actual range from 10.5m → 8.5m

Dusk Light
Cooldown: 2.5 – 2 → 3.5 – 2.5

Jury Fury
Cooldown: 9.6 – 5.6 → 10 – 6.5

Death Sentence
Cooldown: 5 → 6

Hidden Weapons (Passive)
Normal attack range: 7.5m → 7.25m

Thief’s Mark
Range: 7.5m → 7.25m

Chain Hammer Cyclone
Cooldown: 35/30/25 → 45/40/35

Riposte (Passive)
Movement speed reduction: 90% → 60%

Healing Light
Heal per sec: 80 (+25/LV)(+0.1AP)(+7% of HP lost by target) → 75 (+25/LV)(+0.1AP)(+6% of HP lost by target)


Base ATK: 178

Ballistics (Passive)
Each tier increases crit chance by 3% and ATK by 8, irrespective of form
Duration: 1.5s → 2s

Mine slow effect: 50% → 30%

Cooldown: 16 (-2/LV)s → 32 (-4/LV)s

Hidden changes in Arena of Valor September 2019 update

Although not mentioned in particular, there have been a couple of other balance tweaks, especially to Ishar. The Quillen changes were actually mentioned, but somehow didn’t make it to the Patch Notes. We’ll take a quick look at them in our Arena of Valor September 2019 update patch notes now:

There have been quite a lot of changes to Ishar, that were implemented without a word (probably because she isn’t released on other servers).

Furball (Passive)
The first of every three attacks deal magic damage equal to 6% max. HP of the enemy

Furball base stats
Max. HP: 3300 (+400/LV)(+0.96AP) → 3000 (+275/LV)(+0.96AP)

Somnial Fungus
Cooldown: 4.5 – 3s → 4s
Furball charge now deals magic damage

Somnial Shield
Cooldown: 9 – 7s → 11 – 9s
Shield value: 250 (+40/LV)(+0.5AP) → 300 (+60/LV)(+0.7AP)
Removed: 0.75s stun when Furball flies back
Slow after knock-up: 50% for 1s → 30% for 0.5s

Dreamy Circle
Cooldown: 40/35/30 → 45/40/35
Barrier duration: 2.5s → 3s

Furball stats dreamy state: 80/120/160 AD increase → 100% Attack Speed increase
Dreamy state damage reduction: 30%/35%/40% → 30%
Burn aura: 60 → 60/75/90 magic damage

Krixi (Those changes weren’t implemented on all servers)
Magic damage: 450 – 850 (+0.85AP) → 460 – 760 (+0.75AP)

Magic damage: 275 – 426 (+0.6AP) → 250 – 400 (+0.6AP)

Physical damage: 175/200/225/250/275/300 (+0.5AD) → 175/200/225/250/275/300 (+0.38AD)

Item adjustments

Ring of the Fiend
Active skill reveal range. 12m →  10m
Reveal duration: 4s →  2s

Purifying Bracers
Control effect dispel area: 4m →  5m
New ability: Nearby allies become immune to control effects for 0.5s

Loki’s Curse
Elemental Power (Passive)
After using an ability, the next normal attack deals additional magic damage equal to 35% AD (+45% AP) → 35% AD (+60% AP)

Enchantment changes

Crit chance: 12% → 16%

Holy Summoner
Spirit armor pierce: 15% →  100 fixed
Fixed a bug where the last normal attack by the Spirit before it disappeared did not deal damage.

Sacred Protection
Removed 50% movement speed bonus when triggered
Magic life steal: 15% →  20%
Fixed a bug where magic life steal effect disappeared after the shield is broken

Visceral Boost
You spawn at LV 2 and gain an additional 50% natural EXP bonus until LV 8. While this bonus is active, gold and EXP gains from lanes and monsters are reduced by half.

Changed to: You gain 50% natural EXP bonus until LV 8, but gold and EXP gains from lanes and monsters are reduced by half.

Explosive Shield
Fixed a bug where Explosive Shield inflicted Daze against towers.

Bug Fixes and Other Improvements

Fixed a bug with unintended spinning effects associated with the movement skills of heroes such as Nakroth and Ryoma

Fixed a bug with Enzo’s ability 2 where its range was clearly longer than indicated

Improved the feel of Enzo’s ability 1 chaining into normal attack

Fixed a display bug when Omen and Annette used their ultimate at the same time

Fixed a bug where Joker’s ability 2 could interrupt D’Arcy’s ultimate

Fennik’s ultimate now has a short cooldown to prevent accidental presses

Fixed a stuttering issue with Veres’ weapon animation

Fixed a bug where Skud dying did not interrupt ultimate

Fixed a bug where Zip’s ability 2 did not interrupt Recall

Fixed a bug where Zip’s ability 2 did not cost mana when it’s interrupted by dragging to the cancel area

Fixed a bug where Annette could use her ultimate while trapped by Baldum’s ultimate

Fixed a bug where the Guardian effect could be lost after leaving the initial area

Fixed a bug where you could see enemies hidden in bushes when Show avatars for available targets is enabled.

New cross-month sign-in rewards

Fixed a bug where you could see enemies hidden in bushes when Show avatars for available targets is enabled

New share images for 9 kills and 10 kills in 10v10

Moren’s Workshop – earn rewards by completing quests
Improved event interface

Tweaked Quillen’s Dystopia Enforcer ultimate effect so that he is harder to discover

Fixed an issue where sliding the red dot left and right does not remove it on the Hero Story page.

Fixed an issue where Tel’Annas’ spawn point is not fully displayed.

Fixed an issue where going directly from the Hero Story page to the battle page resulted in graphical bugs.

Fixed an issue with hero relationships, including Hayate’s clan and new allies; Errol’s soul bond; D’Arcy’s soul bond.

Fixed an overlap issue with Mganga and Arduin’s display in the Lokheim hero overview in Encyclopedia of Athanor.

Fixed an issue where red dots are displayed on Hero Story Anecdotes and Biography tabs even though they were not unlocked.

Fixed an issue where signals could not be sent after marking an ally or enemy.

Fixed a sound issue with the “Watch this position” signal.

Fixed an issue where summoner skill Execute did not show remaining time when a signal is sent during the cooldown period.

Fixed a ranked match season stats error.

Fixed an issue with selected hero name not being visible in BP mode.

Fixed an issue where Omen’s ultimate can cause the target to move erratically.

Fixed an issue where Tel’Annas’ Silverwing skin skill 1 effect could not be displayed in 3v3 maps.

Fixed an issue with icon display in Moren’s Workshop when icons and dance actions are switched repeatedly.

A Performance sound option that improves gameplay smoothness and stability on certain devices.

Officlal changelog from the Arena of Valor website

Read – The complete beginners guide to Arena of Valor

That’s it for the Arena of Valor September 2019 update. What do you think about the balance changes? Let us know in the comment section below.

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