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Genshin Impact Artifact descriptions hint at future Liyue expansion

Artifact description reveals information about future map expansions in Liyue!

Artifacts are one of the ways players can make their characters stronger. Artifacts are also another source of Teyvat’s lore. These lores can be discovered by reading the descriptions of the different pieces of the artifact sets. Artifact description presents information about a historical character or a historical event in Genshin Impact. A Genshin Impact artifact description has hinted at the possible Liyue expansion in the game.

There are some characters in the main story whose backstory was revealed in artifact descriptions instead of the main story. One such character is La Signora, whose backstory was found in the Crimson Witch Of Flames artifact descriptions.

Players find unreleased Liyue location mentioned in the Artifact description

Genshin Impact consistently provides expansions to already released areas. While Mondstadt and Liyue were available since the game’s launch, they both got expansions in the form of Dragonspine and the Chasm, respectively. Inazuma, the third nation to be released also got an expansion in the form of Enkanomiya. All of these areas were mentioned before being officially released, so players were aware of their existence.

One such area has been mentioned in the Echoes of an Offering Artifact description, and nowhere else in the game. Reddit user LuosEsrever0 pointed out on the Genshin Impact official subreddit, Yilong Port is a location that exists in Teyvat but is not on the already available map. This would be the second port in Liyue, after Liyue Harbor which is the main city of Liyue.

Since the port is not present on the map of Liyue, it must be part of an expansion. This has led players to speculate where this port might be located. Some players believe it might be in the part of Liyue facing Inazuma. Or it could be located in the empty area between Sumeru’s Port Ormos and Liyue Harbor. Some even believe it might be somehow connected to Fontain, the next region to be released in Genshin Impact. Regardless of accuracy, it never hurts to speculate.

Final Thoughts

While it is fun to speculate, players must not forget that artifacts usually provide information about the past, so it is entirely possible that this port in question used to exist but got destroyed for some reason. On the other hand, the prediction might be true and Liyue could potentially receive another area expansion, which would be the first of its kind.

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No other nation in Teyvat so far has received two major area expansions. This is excluding the fact that Inazuma and Sumeru were released in parts over multiple patches. The area expansions are usually treated as their area despite being part of a larger nation. If it is true, it would be no less fun to explore the new area that Yilong Port is part of.

What are your thoughts about the Liyue Expansion in Genshin Impact? Let us know in the comment section below!

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