Battlefield Mobile announces its second alpha test in selected regions

New maps, guns and more!

Battlefield Mobile, the highly anticipated battle-royale game has announced a new Alpha Test in selected regions. The Alpha Test of the game is to go live soon in Mexico, Colombia, Egypt, and Iraq. The game will be featuring new maps, game modes, and guns. Although there’s no release date for the Alpha Version, players in these regions can pre-register for the game.

The game’s Play Store Map has also been updated, showcasing two new maps aside from Grand Bazaar, which has been a part of earlier beta versions. The new maps seem to be Halley and another map that hasn’t been seen before, which means it could be Antelope, the mobile-exclusive map and it does fit the description. 

The Battlefield Mobile in-game armory has been restocked with new weapons

Aside from this, some new weapons are coming too. So far, there are the G3A3, AK74u, M4, and G36. An SKS can also be seen along with an M249, SAW, and 1911 Pistol among other weapons. There’s also the ability to blow through walls and create your maps in the sandbox. Speaking of the new game modes, those haven’t been revealed yet, although some new game modes like Rush were leaked a while ago.

The graphics, which disappointed many of those who played the game’s betas, still seem to look the same which is quite unfortunate but there could be improvements that we haven’t seen yet. That being said, the players who are located in the four regions and want to try out the Alpha test, can pre-register for the game on the Play Store and wait for the game to drop. There’s still no information available regarding an iOS version or global release.

Are you excited for the release of Battlefield Mobile as it announces Alpha Test for android in selected regions? Let us know in the comments below!

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