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Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI): 20 new features to look out for upon its relaunch

All the changes you will be seeing in BGMI after the unban!

Battlegrounds Mobile India took Indian gaming by storm when it was released in July 2021 after PUBG Mobile was banned the previous year, in 2020 at the height of its popularity in India, heavily affecting the game’s revenue and the domestic esports ecosystem. But then again, BGMI’s grandeur was cut short a year later when the game was banned by the Indian government, and it has been that way since. But this going to change, and it is going to happen soon. And now, starting on May 29, players can join the action-packed conflicts and demonstrate their talents on the battlegrounds as BGMI is coming back with a plethora of new features.

Battlegrounds Mobile India in 2023: What features will be different from before

Even while BGMI closed its official operations in India in 2022, PUBG Mobile in the rest of the world was still fully operational, and in ten months lost due to the ban, BGMI has fallen behind its parent game quite a bit. Those particular updates will be implemented in BGMI once the game is unbanned to make the Indian version of the game up-to-date with the global version.

1. Full auto mod for burst fire rifles

M16 PUBG Mobile
Image via Krafton

The burst fire rifles, those being the M16A4 utilizing 5.56 ammo and the Mk47-Mutant utilizing the 7.62 ammo will be buffed considerably courtesy of this mod. The full auto mod will enable a player to fire these weapons automatically and empty the whole magazine in one go. As one of the new features in BGMI, this offers more versatility among the weapons and a higher pick rate.

2. Cab to get to Stalber

Stalber cable car, BGMI new features
Image via Krafton

The cable car installed near the base of Stalber is a rather handy addition to the game. It enables the players to traverse the mountain terrain of Stalber and get to the top without needing to manually navigate the tough routes. It also facilitates easy rotation for players lacking vehicles to do the necessary.

3. New loading ports in Erangel

Loading ports Erangel, BGMI new features
Image via Krafton

Erangel before the current updates and changes were implemented had 2 ports, one in the North at Georgopool and another in the South at Novorepnoye in the Sosnovka Island. But currently, Erangel houses 3 more ports which bring the total number to 5. The new ports are located North of the Military Base, one at Farm, and the last one at the Ferry Pier. The ports have the usual warehouses, containers, and gantry cranes as well.

4. Transform feature while in Spectator mode

PUBG Mobile spectating friend, BGMI new features
Image via Krafton

It definitely can cause some boredom for a player if they happen to die in battle while the rest of their teammates pull through. But now, using the new transform features in BGMI, a player can transform into a companion and will be able to roam around the map in an unrestricted manner. But while doing so, the player will not get any visuals of enemies or loot present in any part of the map.

5. Voice-to-Text feature

PUBG Mobile text chat, BGMI new features
Image via Krafton

Oftentimes, a player needs to put their thoughts out there in the match via text if they are for some reason unable to use the voice chat for extended periods of time. To mitigate this issue, the chatting system will now have a voice-to-text feature where a player can simply say what they want into the mic and it will be transcripted into words.

6. A new and a different weather in the game

PUBG Mobile weather, BGMI new features
Image via Krafton

To all those players who are veterans of the game, that is, PUBG Mobile or BGMI can relate to the dislike of the evening weather in the classic match. The poor lighting and contrast made it tough to spot enemies, but that should not be the case anymore. As one of the new features in BGMI, the new weather is subtle, with pink-tinted clouds and soft surroundings.

7. Hotel building will be Revamped

PUBG Mobile Pochinki, BGMI new features
Image via Krafton

One has to be familiar with the hotel building that can be found in Pochinki, Farm, and Novorepnoye among other places. It is a type of blue building that is double-storeyed and has long balconies. This type of house will be revamped and will have more space inside and will be less cramped. Also, the strategic placement of boxes in the house will minimalize camping in corners.

8. Bicycle sheds

PUBG Mobile bicycle shed, BGMI new features
Image via Krafton

If you have been keeping up with the updates introduced in PUBG Mobile in the time frame when BGMI was banned, you will know about the bicycle update, and it will be present in BGMI as well as one of the new features. Besides fuel-driven vehicles, bicycles will also be available and players will be able to hitch a ride on them without having to worry about fuel consumption. It can carry 2 players at once and has a jump and speed boost feature as well.

9. Updated Hospital building

PUBG Mobile Hospital, BGMI new features
Image via Krafton

The revamps done on the Hospital building just south of the iconic Georgopool drop are one of the multiple minor and major changes made to buildings. The current Hospital building isn’t well-kept and a part of it is broken and in rubble. A chunk of its roof is missing as well, through which one can access the floor below it, thereby enabling more thrilling gameplay should a fight occur there.

10. Gun shield for LMGs

PUBG Mobile gun shield, BGMI new features
Image via Krafton

During the period when BGMi was officially banned, numerous attachments got introduced to PUBG Mobile, the gun shield being one of them. The gun shield attachment can be brought using credits in a match and fitted onto two of the three existing LMGs in the game, namely the DP-28 and the M249. This attachment blocks incoming bullets and protects the players while they are in a prone position. Note that the shield only blocks bullets coming from the front.

11. Flash shop

PUBG Mobile flash shop, BGMI new features
Image via Krafton

Besides the regular shop that exists at key points in the map, there are also Flash Shops available. They are spawned at random locations and offer sales on the attachments and supplies one can find in the shop, such as scopes, muzzles, and consumables. They don’t spawn indoors and only spawn outdoors unlike the regular shop.

12. Supply kits

PUBG Mobile Supply Kits, BGMI new features
Image via Krafton

PUBG Mobile really focused on making supplies and consumables more accessible to players, and the Supply Kit is one of the products of that process. They are spawned at random points, and players who manage to get their hands on one are in for a treat. They contain essentials such as boosters, med kits, and first aid to gear up a player fast.

13. Fully operational Gas stations

PUBG Mobile Gas Station, BGMI new features
Image via Krafton

The gas stations present in Erangel are not there for just the sake of it anymore, they actually serve the purpose they are there to serve. As one of the new features in BGMI, players can now refuel their vehicles for free at the gas station which spares them the hassle of carrying the fuel cans or having to look for them in houses, door to door.

14. Updated bot intelligence

PUBG Mobile bot, BGMI new features
Image via Krafton

As of the recent update, the bots have become much more developed and intelligent. They display dynamic behavior and behave in a much more real player-like way. They throw grenades, smokes, and heal as well, traits which were not portrayed before.

15. Creation mode

PUBG Mobile Creation Mode, BGMI new features
Image via Krafton

This is another brand new feature that came as part of the most recent update in PUBG Mobile, that is, the 2.6 update. Here players will be able to have a high level of creative independence and will be able to create their preferred landscape with custom building placements and vegetation. This will have no merit in the game and is just there for a side of entertainment.

16. New Weapons: Honey Badger and FAMAS

Honey Badger
Image via Krafton

The Honey Badger is one of the two new rifles that have been added to the game. This gun uses 7.62mm ammo and can be switched between the single-fire mode and the automatic-fire mode. The gun can hold up to 30 bullets in its magazine that can be extended to 40 using an extended mag. It has moderately high damage and a high rate of fire.

PUBG Mobile FAMAS, BGMI new features
Image via Krafton

The FAMAS is a lighter gun than the Honey Badger as it has lighter ammo, that is, the 5.56mm, and also deals moderate damage. The damage count of 38 is when the opponent is not wearing any armour. The FAMAS thrives the best in close-range fights, but it is not as good in moderate to long distances due to its lack of stability.

18. Vehicle storage facility

Dacia, BGMI new features
Image via Krafton

Perhaps one of the more useful features introduced recently, PUBG Mobile now allows players to store items in the boot of their vehicle which has its own dedicated storage space just like the backpack. Thus, excess but necessary items that cannot be stored in the backpack such as ammo, health kits, etc., can be stored in the vehicle and be secured.

19. Default weapon on landing

PUBG Mobile Machete, BGMI new features
Image via Krafton

Earlier, players after landing would be barehanded and the first person to get a weapon was the master of the drop, and if you were one of the unlucky few who couldn’t get their hands on any weapon, you’d find yourself in a comical fist fight. That has kind of been resolved by handing every player a machete upon landing to maul each other with.

20. The introduction of the Mirado and Monster Truck in Erangel

PUBG Mobile Mirado, BGMI new features
Image via Krafton

The Mirado and the Monster Truck are not limited to their respective maps anymore, Miramar and Livik respectively, and can now be found in Erangel as well. One can now take the vibrant Mirado for a spin in Erangel and enjoy the fastest car in the game or they can use the Monster Truck and exploit its uncanny ability to traverse through the toughest terrains.

Unlike PUBG Mobile which is handled by Tencent, BGMI is handled directly by Krafton, the creators of PUBG, and therefore exists in a wholly different ecosystem than the former. The servers of BGMI are currently under major maintenance in order to bring them up to date with the global version of the game. The ban is reportedly going to be initially only lifted for three months but we can sure as well hope for the game to stay around for longer this time!

Are you excited about the return of BGMI along with these new features? Will you be playing it again? Let us know in the comments below!

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