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Battlegrounds Mobile India Showdown (BMSD) 2022: Schedule, Participating teams, Prizepool and more

Krafton announces the first ever official BGMI LAN event!

Earlier today, Krafton announced the first ever LAN or offline tournament to be hosted for the popular battle royale game Battlegrounds Mobile India, also known as BGMI. Battlegrounds Mobile India Showdown or the BMSD 2022 is likely going to be an invitational tournament with the top T1 teams in the country being invited. Read more to find out the details of this tournament. 

Battlegrounds Mobile India Showdown (BMSD) 2022: Schedule and Prizepool

The tournament features a decent prize pool of $18800. The given prize pool will be divided among the participating teams based on their final rank in the tournament with the amount of money decreasing down the table.

Also, players will receive a prize amount for earning specific individual achievements such as the MVP award. The tournament will kick off on the 21st of July and will run till the 24th of July 2022. The tournament will go on for 4 days with teams fighting it out to come out on top at the end of the tournament.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Showdown (BMSD) 2022: Participating teams

Although unofficial and not started yet, there’s a very strong possibility that this LAN event will be held in the national capital of Delhi. The information will be updated here when it is announced. No information has been released as of now regarding which teams would be participating.

But it has been confirmed that the number of teams will be 24. Also, the winning team is rumored to get an invitation to the global event PMWI. But according to leaks, the invited teams could be the following:

  • Soul
  • GodL
  • XO
  • SG
  • GE
  • HH
  • Enigma
  • OR
  • ABZ
  • INS
  • KE
  • 7Sea
  • TX
  • RE
  • RGE
  • TSM
  • BB
  • FS
  • NGX
  • RNT
  • Hydra
  • EW
  • Udog
  • BGMS(best performing non-invited team)

If any of the teams in the above list is not invited then there are chances that another team may also be invited from BGMS.

Final Thoughts 

Being the first LAN tournament being held officially for BGMI, the tournament indeed has a lot of expectations going in. The production, management, and overall organization will be under public scrutiny. Also, it remains to be seen if the PMWI invite rumor is true, which can be a game changer for the Indian scene.

Are you excited for Battlegrounds Mobile India Showdown (BMSD) 2022? Let us know in the comments below!

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