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Battlegrounds Mobile India to adjust UC prices and return UC accordingly

Quick change from the Krafton team!

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) developer Krafton has released a statement on the game’s official Discord channel saying changes will be made to Unknown Cash (UC) prices in the game and will be adjusted accordingly. The most anticipated Battle Royale game, the one that fans have been waiting patiently for a long time after the ban in September 2019, released recently to mobile as early access (open beta) to those who were keen to play the game.

Details of Battlegrounds Mobile India UC price changes and refund

In the official statement made by the team on Discord, Krafton confirmed that the UC purchase price in the BGMI Early Access version is higher compared to that of the Global version and they plan on reducing the regional UC prices. On top of this, they also plan to provide refunds to BGMI players by providing more in-game currency for the extra money players spent before the adjustment.

BGMI UC Changes
Official announcement on BGMI UC Changes

Krafton stated that they intend to pay back BGMI players the excess UC they purchased for each UC product as soon as possible. They also shared that the UC price adjustment’s detailed schedule will be announced later with an additional notice.

Pay-back UC Quantity

The table below has been provided by Krafton on the Discord channel to show how much players who made purchases before the Battlegrounds Mobile India UC prices adjustment will be paid back.

ProductsPay-back UC Quantity
60 UC10
300 UC50
600 UC110
1,500 UC245
3,000 UC600
6,000 UC1,275
BGMI Shop Pack 0210
BGMI Shop Pack 0430

For example, if the player purchased 60 UC product 3 times before the adjustment: they will get 30 UC back. This is because 10 (Pay-back UC quantity of 60 UC) multiplied by 3 is 30.

What caused the Battlegrounds Mobile India UC price changes?

Krafton concluded with reducing the UC prices and dishing out refunds after millions of Battlegrounds Mobile India players playing the game’s early access version raised questions regarding the regional UC prices being comparatively higher than the Global version. While the decision of lowering UC prices and providing refunds is appreciated by the BGMI community, they are still in the dark regarding when the adjustments will be made and are eagerly waiting for additional notice.

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