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BGMI Diwali 2021 event: Grab permanent gun skins, dress sets, and Crates for free

Win Mini 14 gun skin, permanent outfit, headgear, coupon scraps, AG currency, and more!

Diwali is knocking on the door both in India and Battlegrounds Mobile India. This time it will be more exciting and exclusive since the players’ most beloved game is back after a long time. Battlegrounds Mobile India recently introduced a special Diwali event for the players. In this event, players can exchange lamps for the desired reward in the event shop. There are many interesting rewards available like Mini 14 gun skin, permanent outfit, headgear, coupon scraps, and AG currency. In this article, we are going to discuss the new Diwali 2021 event in BGMI.

About the BGMI Diwali 2021 Event

It is a typical exchange event where players get a certain token by playing matches or completing tasks. After that players can exchange those tokens for multiple rewards available in the event shop. In this particular event, players will get lamps to exchange in the shop. This event started on October 20 and will end on November 9.

Rewards list

The rewards of this event are quite good. In BGMI, players are getting free permanent finishes from events very often. The same thing repeats here too. The rewards players can get from this event are listed below:

BGMI Diwali event
BGMI Diwali event rewards
  • Rock star – Mini 14 (Permanent) for 700 lamps
  • Cool Cat set (Permanent) for 500 lamps
  • Cool Cat headband (Permanent) for 200 lamps
  • Classic crate coupon scraps (each for 10 lamps)
  • Supply crate coupon scraps (each for 10 lamps)
  • AG currency (100 AG for 10 lamps)
  • BP crate (each crate for 5 lamps)
BGMI Diwali event
BGMI Diwali event rewards

Ways to get Diwali lamps

The ways of getting lamp tokens are discussed below:

BGMI Diwali event
Ways to get Diwali lamps

As stated in the picture, players can get a total of 600 lamp tokens for free. They will have to play classic mode as a squad. When players play classic mode as a squad 20 times, they will get 100 lamps. When they play it 40 times, they will get 200 lamps, and when players play classic with friends as a squad 60 times, the reward will be 300 lamp tokens.

On top of that, there is a daily objective event. Players will have to play 5 matches in any mode with friends. By completing that, they will get 30 Diwali lamp tokens as a reward. By completing these tasks and collecting all the lamp tokens, players can easily redeem the Mini 14 – Rock Star skin finish, the Cool Cat set, and the Cool Cat headband permanently for free.

What are your thoughts on the rewards in the BGMI Diwali 2021 event? Do let us know in the comments!

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