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Black Desert Mobile Calpheon Ball event brings the game’s first twin classes

Multi-platform Twin Classes, a New Region, and More!

In celebration of its expanding global community, Korean developer and publisher of Black Desert Mobile, Pearl Abyss held its first North American Calpheon Ball event this past weekend. It did this by revealing significant new multi-platform content via livestream for Black Desert Mobile, Black Desert Online (PC), and Black Desert Mobile (PlayStation 4 and Xbox One). This annual fan event, which was broadcast in nine languages, took place at the same time as the Black Desert Mobile Calpheon Ball in Korea and the Voice of Adventurers community event in The Netherlands, which aimed to grow the Black Desert global player base of 50 million users.

At Ovation Square in Long Beach, California, Pearl Abyss introduced the twin sisters and classes, Woosa and Maegu, and showed comprehensive footage of Woosa’s magical Taoist combat style, which is full of beautiful movesets and elemental combos. The stunning new Land of the Morning Light region, which is already teeming with characters, monsters, and missions, was showcased in the livestream’s wealth of information.

Meet Black Desert’s first powerful twin classes

Maegu, the older twin sister, will debut on Black Desert Mobile on Tuesday, December 13, 2022, according to the development team, while Woosa, the younger twin, will debut for free on Black Desert Online (PC) and Black Desert (PlayStation 4, Xbox One) on Wednesday, December 14, 2022. Console users will also get updates on Wednesday, December 14, including “Solo Garmoth Summoning,” “Marni’s Realm,” and “Expansion of Caphras’ Level.”

Black Desert Mobile Calpheon Ball twin classes
Image via Pearl Abyss

With a brand-new gameplay video of her unique movesets and battle style, Woosa stole the show at the event. Her sweet, misleading exterior is in stark contrast to a tough-as-nails inner persona. She is dressed in traditional Korean clothes to represent her roots in the new territory Land of the Morning Light. With the use of her magical fan and the strength of old Taoist sorcery, Woosa is able to summon strong elemental attacks and spells.

Black Desert Mobile Calpheon Ball Woosa
Image via Pearl Abyss

Woosa, with her three essential moves, is designed to survive and defeat even the most difficult opponents:

  • Stormfall: When Woosa swings her fan, she creates a giant storm that circulates around her, inflicting heavy damage on surrounding enemies in a wide area. With its impressive range, it will be useful to defeat larger monsters and bosses. It’s even more useful when combined with other skills.
  • Cloudrise: Woosa creates a dark cloud above enemies’ heads, causing extreme damage through rain and lightning. This skill becomes extra special when used successively. Players can both activate and cancel the skill instantly. When canceled, it creates a dark cloud at the target location to deal damage through rain and lightning. This can be used in combos for additional enemy damage.
  • Wingbeat: Accompanied by a large whooshing sound, Wingbeat enhances the size of the fan and inflicts relatively high enemy damage, making it a great combo tool. Players can use the skill two times consecutively, each time extending the area of damage (AOD).

Black Desert Calpheon Ball event introduced a brand new region

Land of the Morning Light, a new territory that will be introduced to Black Desert in 2023, was created from old myths that have been passed down through the years and are inspired by the Joseon Dynasty, the final royal kingdom in Korea. You can visualize The Land of the Morning Light by seeing Zeus and Olympus, King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, the Frog Princess, and the Pied Piper all in one area.

Players will be introduced to new NPCs, mythology, story missions, monsters, locations to explore, and creatures to interact with, like Duoksini, the commander of the Dokkebi, and Sangoon, the King of Tigers who rules the high mountains of Taebaek. In addition, the Haso setting, which was formerly the only eastern civilization in the Black Desert universe, has undergone a thorough makeover.

The developer live stream for Calpheon Ball featured a Dev Talk with Jaehee Kim, the Black Desert executive producer, in addition to musical performances, community raffles, giveaways, and other events. The popular in-game PvP arena “Arena of Solare” will launch on December 28th, according to information shared during the Developer Talk segment, which also presented new systems and enhancements.

A unique collection of time-limited gifts with a weapon theme was also announced by Pearl Abyss to be made accessible right away after the Ball finished. The freebies from the coupon codes include Cron Stone x 2023, Advice of Valks (+150), J’s Hammer of Loyalty, and a dozen other priceless goods. Following the official stream’s conclusion, participants took part in a number of on-site activities and after-parties, beginning with Black Desert Abyss One’s DJ set.

Maegu and the Shahzad area are coming into the game this Jan 2023

The Black Desert Mobile update, which includes the new turn-based Dawnrise Vanguards content, the new character class, Maegu, and the new territory Shahzad, was first shown off to adventurers at the Calpheon Ball in Korea this past Saturday. The Shahzad area and Maegu will be added to the popular mobile game on Tuesday, January 3, 2023.

Maegu, the twin sister, is an agile sorceress from the Jwado School who uses the strength of a lovely, magical fox to attack and protect in combat. She uses Horyeongbu as her primary weapon and strikes her adversaries fluidly, much like a Gumiho would captivate a person.

Black Desert Mobile Calpheon Ball Maegu
Image via Pearl Abyss

The Great Desert: Shahzad, the additional territory, was also unveiled by the developers. Adventurers can engage in PvP combat in this wide area, find uncommon goods thanks to a traveling trader in Shahzad who unearthed buried wealth, or improve Black Spirit runes using Luminescent Crystals, among other things.

Players can finally acquire Diné, the second Dream Horse. Diné is a stunning white horse with a golden mane who gallops across the desert at the speed of the wind. You can reach Quantum Jump by going to a Black Rock Shrine. Apocros (a new field boss), Dawnrise Vanguards (family turn-based strategic content similar to Path of Glory), Level 9 Camp, and other additions were made.

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