Boom Beach Frontlines June 2022 update: New cards, balance changes and more

Here's what the latest update has in store for players!

Boom Beach Frontlines is back again with a new update. The June 2022 update is coming after quite a while, the developers have introduced the April update previously. The developers are calling this update version 1.0 which will roll out this June. The live stream yesterday brought some major changes in the game along with a lot of new stuff. Developers said that the game will be far more exciting with new troops, new items, maps, balance changes, and more. Here is the full patch notes breakdown of the Boom Beach Frontlines June 2022 update.

Boom Beach Frontlines June 2022 update

New Home Screen

The first thing players will notice is the brand-new home screen. The previous one will not be available anymore. The UI is simple now as the game has moved most of the options. The home screen now shows a coming soon building and the developers said that they were working on it.

Boom Beach New Home Screen
Image via SpaceApe Games

Players can now access all the unlocked cards as they become a part of the archipelago. There are no more HQ levels in the game now. Instead, it will be player levels. Currently, players can access up to 50 levels which will increase later.

Artifact Storage Building

Boom Beach Frontlines Artifacts
Image via SpaceApe Games

Collected artifacts will be stored at the artifacts building. The game now has four artifacts: Common, Rare, Epic, and Ancient Coin, which will increase later. Wild Card and ancient coins are the current collections of artifacts that players will have in the game. Players can use Wildcards to upgrade or fill up any upgrade process to any cards and ancient coins to skip any coin costs meaning that the players will have a discount based on the numbers on a card.


This is one of the major changes coming to the game. After reaching level 12, players can unlock the alliance boat. It is to make players more social with others. There will be two types of alliances, open and closed. Besides, players can change the location of any alliances which will help them to communicate with people o common languages. It costs 400 coins to create an alliance.

Players can chat, invite, and do other several things here. Everything is in the basic form now which the game will change later, for example, there will be emojis and animations in the chat room. Also, alliance tags, alliance flags, and card donations will be added.

Boom Beach June Update 2022 Alliance
Image via SpaceApe Games

Alliance Wars will also come in the future. Players now have the HQ system but when the update will roll out, a new boot screen will pop out and they can migrate to the level system. To reward players with this new update, the game will provide premium boxes based on a player level.

New Cards

Boom Beach Frontlines June Update 2022
Image via SpaceApe Games

The developers have introduced Five new cards. The first one is a new epic troop Commando. He’s an assaulter but better than others. He’s got a grenade launcher modification to his rifle. Though his movement is a bit slow, that covers up as his fatality is insane.

Boom Beach Frontlines June Update 2022
Image via SpaceApe Games

Hover Raft is another new epic vehicle that players can use for transporting troops. Players can go all-terrain with it. The Bomb Wagon is a wooden tank that fires bomblets at enemies. It can deal extra damage to the armored targets. Cryoneer uses her icicle canon to slow down enemies, making them easy targets for her teammates while she stays immune to enemies slow down powers.

Boom Beach Frontlines June 2022 update: New Balance Changes

With this new update to soon roll into the game, the developers have introduced some balance changes as well. Here’s a quick review of what’s coming. Level 50 will now replace HQ10. Maximum levels for guards are now from level 11 to level 12. Changes are also coming to some cards. Fire Lobsters, Boom Bundles, and Airstrike have some changes in them.

Fire lobsters are much more effective now. The range is increased from 18 to 23.5 meaning that the range is as long as the fire bomber. Now, Snipers and Zooka should be much more careful around the base supported by Fire lobsters. The Boom Bundle is nerfed a bit now. There is no change in its power or health while there is an increase in ammunition costs from 400 to 500. Also, the cooldown time is changed from 10 seconds to double it up to 20 seconds.

Boom Beach Frontlines June Update 2022 Balance changes
Image via SpaceApe Games

Airstrike has a decrease in cost and is at 400 now while it was 500 before. But the damage is increased to 500 while it was 400 before. Overall, Airstrike is 25% more powerful with 20% less cost. There are some changes to the mission system as well. Stuff like dealing damage to the infantry as a Flamer has been decreased to 40% of the previous requirements.

Dealing damage to the enemy building as warriors is reduced by 40%, and dealing damage to the enemy building as Jetpacks is by 30%. The requirement for the mission to eliminate enemy players as a warrior in one battle is now five which was seven before.

The Warrior, the Flammer, and the Jetpacks missions are now easy to complete due to the card’s cooldown adjustments. The cooldown is increased on commons by 1 to 15 seconds depending on the level of a player. Also, the cooldown on epic is reduced by 20 seconds. The battle time of the regular operations is reduced by a minute and is now 210 seconds. The overtime duration is reduced by 30 seconds from 2 minutes to 90 seconds.

Final Thoughts

One week or two later, the game will enter into another pre-registration procedure to test in more than 15 countries. The names are not revealed yet but the Beach Passes might come in July. Though the game didn’t confirm it the work to introduce Beach Passes is on its way. However, Users can stay updated about all the information by visiting the official website or following the official social media handles.

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