Brawl Stars is giving away one free Brawler and Skin

Earlier today, the Brawl Stars team posted a tweet. It said that the Brawl Stars is giving Ricochet as a free Brawler and skin “Classic Ricochet” as the free skin. This means that those who have Richochet will get the skin, while those who don’t have him will unlock him along with the skin. Here is the tweet made by the Brawl Stars team:

Free Brawler and Skin: What does this exactly mean?

According to their tweet, the Brawl Stars team is giving away Rico, and the Classic Ricochet skin. This skin is the one that Ricochet had in Brawl Stars before his rework. Ricochet, or “Rico” as everyone fondly calls him, is a Super Rare Brawler in Brawl Stars. He is a sharpshooter, that is, he shoots from a distance like Colt and Brock. His main attack consists of bouncing balls that bounce off of walls, that he shoots out of his handgun. He is easy to pick up, but hard to master. The Brawl Stars team giving away Rico as a free Brawler will attract more players to the game, and the gameplay will make them stay.

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What you need to know about Ricochet

As I mentioned before, Rico is a sharpshooter with a unique, bouncy main attack. This makes him great for use on long-range, open maps and maps with lots of walls. He is great at game-modes like Heist, Brawl Ball, Gem Grab and some Showdown maps. Because of his main attack, he is a great choice on maps with walls like Cavern Churn, Rockwall Brawl ( Formerly known as Death Valley), et al. He is a low skill-cap Brawler at the beginning, but as you gain trophies with him, it becomes clear that he is not that easy to play, and requires a lot of practice to play efficiently at high trophy levels. It is tough but possible. Here is a video on how you can master Ricochet:

You can also check out Rico’s Brawl Stars wiki page here. He is a great Brawler once you learn how to properly play him.

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