Brawl Stars Halloween 2020 update to bring Map maker, Legendary Brawler and more

This is going to be huge!

The upcoming Brawl Stars legendary Brawler Amber and Halloween-themed Brawl-o-ween event were unveiled in the latest Supercell show “Brawl Talk” along with 10 new gadgets for those brawlers which have only one gadget and several skins to celebrate both Halloween and the Brawl Stars World Championship. And all of them are coming with Brawl Stars Halloween 2020 update.

Supercell also hinted at the upcoming feature Map Maker. They confirmed the feature, which will allow players to create customised maps, will be soon available in beta and will join the live servers later.

Amber – New Legendary brawler

Amber is going to be the newest Brawler, with a legendary rarity and mechanics based on fire. Her primary attack has a unique mechanic in the game since she depletes ammo as long as she aims at a direction, rather than hitting attacks with taps. Her range of attack is wide, but the damage she inflicts seem to be quite weak to balance her strengths. Her super launches a bomb that explodes in a wide area of effect

amber, brawl stars amber, legendary brawler
Image via Supercell

Her release will come alongside a new map environment in a desert climate on the day following the release of next update. She’ll be both available in the shop and in boxes.

Brawl Stars Map Maker is a complete masterpiece!

Ever wondered if you could create your own map in Brawl Stars? Well, now you can! Players can create their own maps, name it and play with bots or create a friendly match. As this progress is said to be beta, players are allowed to have 5 maps.

However, this is not something new as players could create maps through a third-party app before.

brawl maps, brawl stars map maker
Image via Supercell

What game modes and environments can you create maps for?

These are currently the only game modes and environments that can be used in the Map Maker. More environments and game modes will be added with the end of beta.

  • Gem Grab: Classic, Mortis’ Mortuary
  • Solo Showdown: Classic, Mortis’ Mortuary
  • Brawl Ball: Classic, Beach

How to make maps in Brawl Stars with map maker?

Building the map is a simple task for Clash Of Clans players as the layouts for building the map is similar to the base setup in Clash of Clans. There will be an option to re-edit the map even after it is saved. Make sure to save it before exit. Map making in Brawl Stars using the map maker will be similar to that!

how to make maps in brawl stars, brawl stars map maker, brawl stars Halloween 2020 update
Unleash your creativity with Brawl Stars map maker

For this update, players cannot copy the map layout of others or share their map by using links just like Clash of Clans. However, Supercell has informed that they’ll bring the other options in the upcoming updates.

Brawl-O-Ween and the new gold skins

The time-limited event Brawl-o-ween will feature a challenge and three new themed skins, which will be added alongside several true gold skins. Here is the list of the skins which will be added with the upcoming update:

  • Underworld Bo and Zombibi
  • Brawloween Rosa (unlocked by completing the Brawl-o-ween challenge)
  • Gold skins: Bull, Barley, Rico, Mortis, Frank
brawl stars gold skins
Image via Supercell

What else?

There are also some balanced changes expected ahead of the new brawler release as there will be balanced changes two times after every new brawler. However, there is no free skin mentioned in the update.

Brawl Stars Halloween 2020 update release date

Supercell has not announced an official date for the next Brawl Stars update yet. But last year the Brawl-o-ween event was released on October 23. So this year, the Brawl Stars Halloween 2020 update is expected to release around the same time.

What’s your take on the Brawl Stars Halloween update 2020? Are you excited about it? Let us know in the comment section below!

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