Call of Dragons: Farlight Games announced its latest MMOSLG for Android and iOS

Master your own fleet of Fire-Breathing Wyverns to control the kingdoms below!

The developers of the wildly successful techno-pop gacha RPG Dislyte, Farlight Games, have announced their brand-new MMOSLG title Call of Dragons. Call of Dragons, which will be available for iOS and Android later this year, combines themes from high fantasy with intense real-time strategic combat on a vast, infinitely zoomable battlefield. Set off with a fleet of strong wyverns to seize control of nearby kingdoms or form alliances with other players after fortifying your town, building up your army, and fortifying your settlement.

Defeat enemies using a fleet of mighty dragons in Call of Dragons

Call of Dragons
Image via Farlight Games

A diverse and gorgeous location is home to a cast of distinctive heroes and groups with a fantasy theme in Call of Dragons. Power up your hero and start the real fun with a variety of diverse methods you can use, including invisibility during battle, complete quests and tasks to gain magical Artifacts.

Arm your guilds with the greatest armor and weapons available as you take your society from a meager village to a powerful kingdom. With fleets of powerful dragons, conquer the skies, rule your areas from above, and engage the opposition in a fierce assault.

Explore the world and find hidden collectibles in every corner

In Call of Dragons, luck favors the curious, rewarding exploration with goodies tucked away in every crevice. Discover mini-games, side missions, and Song Fragments while exploring towns. These fragments of ancient music tell the story of the game world Tamaris’ past and add to the game’s extensive lore.

The game’s improved lighting and sound effects are complemented by the infinitely zoomable 3D map, which makes it simple to move soldiers around or work with an ally.

Developed by Legou and published by Farlight Games, Call of Dragons is currently accepting pre-registrations on Android and will launch globally on Android and iOS platforms later this year. Additional information about the game can be found on the official website.

Are you excited as Call of Dragons has been announced by Farlight Games? Let us know in the comments below!

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