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Call of Duty Mobile Halloween Update 2019: Everything you need to know

The long-awaited Call of Duty Mobile Halloween update 2019 is here finally. Rolling through the in-game update option, the Halloween update of Call of Duty Mobile is bringing a lot of contents for the fans. So without further ado, let us take a look at what Activision has to offer for the fans!

In-game rewards

Players will get a battle crate and epic weapon XP card (500xp) for updating the game. In addition to that, players will also receive a free weapon by log-in during the Halloween event.

Call of Duty Mobile Halloween Update 2019 brought menu changes

Call of Duty Mobile Halloween update 2019, cod mobile Halloween update, cod mobile zombie
Call of Duty Mobile Halloween update 2019

The home screen of the game is now different and it has been designed with the spooky theme of the Halloween. Players can experience the Halloween themed music and graphics throughout their gameplay. The Standoff match for Multiplayer is getting a special Halloween look!

Events and Other changes in the game

  1. Players can now earn the brand-new Sparrow Operator Skills
  2. Limited time Hard Point game mode is arriving into the game
  3. Brand new Battle Royal chip: Airborne is now available
  4. New skins for your favourite weapons, Items and Operators are now available.
  5. Halloween themed ID collection event is now accessible
  6. Molotov Cocktail Scorestreak is now available.

Balance Changes

  • Slightly reduced close-range damage on Type 25
  • Adjusted performance of hip fire on Type 25

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Currently, the update is slowly rolling out. If you are not getting it right now, please be patient. It can take some time depending on your region. The update size is 90 MB only! But we are yet to find the Zombie hunts. Probably Activision is keeping it as a surprise. The rumours were saying that the zombies might arrive with the Call of Duty Mobile season 2 update. Now the Call of Duty Mobile Halloween Update has already arrived, so does that mean the rumour is true? Time will reveal that!

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Chris gill

I Want to start off by saying this game is great but my only problem happens when I am playing battle royal,Everytime I am turning left or right I am getting a resistance,my avatar keep pulling straight ahead ever so often I will get him to turn on my comand

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