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Call of Duty Mobile is banning Emulator players and VPN users

Huge ban wave is happening in the Call of Duty Mobile community. Recently, players are reporting that Call of Duty Mobile is banning the emulator account for 10 years. And the same goes for VPN users as well. why the developers took this huge step all of a sudden, no one knows. But let us take a look at this issue in details. However, the developers have mentioned, it is the unbranded emulators, not the official one.

When did this start?

A few weeks ago (during mid-October to be exact), a community discussion took place to decide the future of emulators in the game as well as the addition of controller support. But the end-results were unknown to the community. Just a few hours ago, Garena Call of Duty Mobile on Facebook posted that they will start banning account for the mentioned reasons.

The official statement says,

Our new anti-cheating system is in place. Here is a list of actions that will get you banned from the game. We are serious about anti-cheating, you should be too.

Call of Duty Mobile emulator ban, CODM emulator ban, codm VPN ban
Image via Garena COD Mobile
  • Usage of any 3rd party apps such as crosshair apps or apps that enables docking of keyboard and mouse
  • Use of unsafe emulators
  • Usage of VPN
  • Use of hacks, game scripts and any tools that modify game files

Is the Emulator Bann applicable for Call of Duty Mobile global version too?

call of duty mobile account ban, codm banned
call of duty mobile account banned for 10 years!

Unfortunately, the ban wave has arrived for both the versions of Call of Duty Mobile. As expected, this notice came as a shock to all the emulator users. The players in the official discord server have started complaining about it as their account got banned for 10 years. Even if they did not use any hacks or 3rd party apps, just because of the unsafe emulator usage, their account got banned.

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The reason why all of a sudden Call of Duty Mobile started banning Emulator (unsafe) and VPN players is unknown. But all we can hope that there must be some valid reason behind this big step. We’ll keep you updated as we find more information on this issue.

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this is not real blah


oh it is I just got banned for the same thing

Zachary Beagle

I run into a person using controller or keyboard and mouse 1 out of 10 games its very frustrating when you are trying to play with touch. Other than that the games great and i ussually drop 20+ on a bad day. But if you need to use a periphreal that gives full console/pc precision just to beat mobile users you deserve a ban just my opinion though.

Nicolaie Rusu

when you play on emulator you play only with players that play also on emulator.

gg wp

meh not really, they don’t always detect a player with emulator, some get matched with mobile player which made it unfair. Hence, the ban on 3rd party app other than gameloop.


first off no. its just a game. we dont do it to beat mobil players. we do it for fun too. no not hacking. we play this game on pc as well and 2nd off we dont do it to be toxic. yes we have flicks but we pc players dont have aim assit. soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. its actaully harder tbh because we have 60 to 150 buttons to remember what they do. so i mean…..


ooooooor play the game as it’s supposed to be played, “on mobile”.


this is not real its already November i still play Call Of Duty Mobile (Garena, im from phillipines) i use emulator called Gameloop


Yep… Same here… I’m still able to play using Gameloop…


imo it doesnt matter if gameloop’s safe or not, when u play too good you’ll be banned anyways

bro syin

is Memu emuolator safe tho?\

Jordan Hartley

actually. if you think about it. the ps4 controller is quite accurate, and if you use an adapter to use your hdmi monitor on your phone, you can be quite good with that. me personally i use touch because i just play it while at the doctors or at meetings ( i know im stupid lol) but ppl using computer in my opinion for keyboard and mouse are rediculous.

Anti hero

Noob. There’s a lot of cod version for pc but u still play the mobile version using ur pc so u can look like a pro playing with mobile player. What a noob. I bet u play so fk worse in the pc version. Noob.


seems you like to run here and call people noob. do you know that players who use emulator get matched together or for some unknown reason forget that?


oh it is can confirm as I was just banned and was using Bluestacks 5


got banned using emulator 🙁