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Activision hints Call of Duty Mobile release with new social accounts

Good news Call of Duty Mobile fans. Seems like Activision is getting ready for the Call of Duty Mobile release. After the initial beta release in selected countries, they also removed some from their list. And even with VPN, it is a big task to get the hands into Call of Duty Mobile.

There were rumours about the Call of Duty Mobile global release later this year, but whatever it is, there is something that we should take note now. The social accounts of Call of Duty Mobile are now live! Activision has recently started Call of Duty Mobile twitter account and Facebook page. And as expected, they gained a decent amount of following within this short period of time.

What this could possibly mean for Call of Duty Mobile release?

This could mean that Call of Duty Mobile global release is coming near. However, there has been no official confirmation about when the game will be ready for global release. But probably, it is very near as Activision is warming up with the social media accounts.

Is there anything to do now?

If you have not pre-registered for Call of Duty Mobile yet, you can head over to the store pages complete the pre-registration. The players who will pre-register for the game will be awarded some extra benefits after the launch. Also, you can head over to the official social media accounts to keep yourself updated with the latest happenings in Call of Duty Mobile universe.

What about the system requirements?

Activision has not revealed anything about it either. But they have mentioned about optimizing the game for most of the devices. This means Android devices with 2GB RAM will hopefully be able to experience the game.

So what do you think, when the game will be ready for the global release? Do not hesitate to let us know in the comments below!

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