Campfire might be the next AR mobile game by Niantic

Developers of Pokemon GO and Pikmin Bloom are working on a new game!

Niantic is an American game development company based out of San Francisco that has developed the hit AR game Pokemon GO. The developers have created a lot of popular games some of which are Ingress, Pokémon GO, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite and most recently Pikmin Bloom. According to the latest findings, Niantic is reportedly working on a new AR mobile game titled Campfire.

Update as of 2:30 pm GMT, March 9, 2022: The game is already in the closed beta and the website is live (but looks like the website is still not fully developed). The website also has the option to Sign-Up but after signing up the players will get this message “Thank you for your interest in Niantic Social! We are in closed beta. Check back soon.”

The studio’s portfolio includes working with third parties to create AR mobile games based on their properties. This is something that Niantic has been doing for the last couple of years and the response from fans and critics affirms that they are really on top of their game. But now Niantic seems to be in development on a new game that will be based upon their IP.

Niantic is a pioneer in the AR mobile games market

Niantic is known for its top-notch work on AR mobile games. They showed their creative prowess with their first successful game Ingress, which was the company’s first foray into AR mobile gaming. The developers became a global sensation when Pokemon GO was released in 2016 and within a few months, the game became a worldwide hit. 

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Image via Niantic

At a time when gamers were just entering the world of AR gaming Niantic’s success with Pokemon GO placed the company as the leader among the emerging mobile AR games market. Since then, Niantic has continued making third-party AR titles such as Pikmin Bloom, which was released last year.

Campfire might be another geo-location and AR-focused game

Latest developments have revealed that Niantic is working on a new game that appears to be an original property of its own, first since Ingress. According to a recent trademark filed by Niantic, the new game could be named “Campfire.” More than likely continuing with the company’s brand of geo-location and AR-focused games, the name Campfire leaves the nature of the game open for speculation.

Some are also speculating that the upcoming game will incorporate AR campfires in real locations to the same effect, with campfires acting similarly to the Gyms and PokeStops from Pokemon GO. 

AR mobile games
Image via Niantic

Recently the developer has recruited a bunch of developers who are experienced in AR and geo-location further hinting that its next game will follow the path paved by its other big titles. The new staff could also indicate an expansion upon the now familiar gameplay loop of battling or catching creatures in real-world locations via AR overlay on a player’s device. Keeping this in mind it can be said that the studio is bringing in their A-game to create an original title which would be ideal for testing a new gameplay element.

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