Cats & Soup celebrates 30 million downloads with special events and rewards

Everyone is invited to join the all-new celebration!

Since its inception in January, Cats & Soup has surpassed over 30 million downloads, according to Neowiz, a global innovator in award-winning mobile games. With its approachable gameplay components, adorable art style, and soothing in-game features, millions of fans worldwide love Cats & Soup.

Cats & Soup brings events and rewards to celebrate the occasion

With new Cats & Soup events offering several rewards selected from the game’s enormous library, the creators are going all out to commemorate this historic occasion. Through the daily free draw on the event page, sixty different types of event products are up for grabs.

Prizes can be limited edition costumes or little pieces of furniture. In addition, everyone who logs into the game for the following seven days can take home Cat Tower decor items, observatory tickets, gems, furniture coins, and more in honor of the 2022 Black Friday season.

Players can enjoy two new facilities, Cutting Strawberries and Hop in the Car. The Cutting Strawberries facility is a new station where cats cook delicious strawberry-based dishes like pie, juice, and soup. Cats in the forest can take a ride at the new “Rest” facility called Hop in the Car.

Without a brand-new cat to pet, no Cats & Soup update is complete, and NEOWIZ wants to please! The game now features a brand-new feline companion called the Ocicat. Although it seems like a wild cat, this cute domestic cat is a good person. When the Ocicat goes live in the game, everyone will want to check it out.

The game reintroduces exclusive and special items with the update

The reintroduction of some event-exclusive items to the shop will be welcomed by the neighborhood. For a limited time, Cherry Blossom Deer Friend and Cherry Blossom Shorthair Ticket are both back in stock. During this occasion, the Red Shiba Friend and the Electronic Cat Friends Set both make a reappearance as ready-for-sale packages.

Last but not least, the new seasonal limited item is the Star Fairy’s Equipment Set. One of the cats’ favorite companions, Starry Wisp,” as well as the Star Fairy’s costume set, which consists of three different outfits, are included in this fantastic set. This significant update to this cherished mobile game contains a lot more content and everyone must check it out and join in the fun.

What are your thoughts on Cats & Soup surpassing 30 million downloads? Let us know in the comment section below!

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