ChillyRoom’s simulation title Gig Life Tycoon gets an official launch for Android

Experience a city simulation!

ChillyRoom has come up with yet another interesting game titled Gig Life Tycoon, which gets an official launch for Android devices. With an interesting premise, the game also comes with a unique black-and-white stencil-like art style to keep things fresh and innovative.

Encounter various characters on your road to development

As mentioned earlier, the premise is rather what you rarely find these days, as you step into the shoes of a resilient migrant worker in the city’s vibrant hustle culture and gig economy. You will embark on a daily hustle for survival, taking on a variety of gig jobs that pave the way toward securing a brighter future for your family.

Gig Life Tycoon cover, Gig Life Tycoon android
Image via ChillyRoom

The trailer also chose to present some interesting snippets on the game, the game showcases intriguing glimpses of challenging scenarios where players must engage in various demanding tasks to earn money. Whether it’s the task of chopping down trees or the exhilarating rush of delivering products, players should do it all.

Hence, there will be countless opportunities to develop your character’s wealth and prosperity. As you move forward with your journey, you will also find some hilarious interactions with non-player characters (NPCs) present in the game. Not to forget the mini-games present that promise to keep you entertained.

Currently, the game is on the Android platform as early access which the players can download and play via the Google Play Store before the official launch on 20th July. The timeline for iOS users will most likely follow the same, but the store page hasn’t been updated yet.

What are your thoughts on Gig Life Tycoon now being available for Android devices? Let us know in the comments below!

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