Civilization: Reign of Power launches its season one titled Wonder Conquest

Nexon Games has released the Season One of its latest MMOSLG Civilization: Reign of Power titled Wonder Conquest on December 14. NDREAM Co., Ltd. is the developer of the game.

The inaugural season of the game has seen a full-fledged war between alliances since its formal debut on Tuesday, November 29, in Asia, including South Korea. Players can attack major Wonders and control them to score points and secure victory for their alliance.

Civilization: Reign of Power Season one: Wonder Conquests brings Cultural Wonder Battles

13 different Wonder types are available. They are categorized into three sizes in terms of grades. The Pyramid, a tier one Wonder, four significant local landmarks including Gyeongbok Palace and the Statue of Liberty, and eight international cultural sites like the Colosseum and Stonehenge are among them. As the season goes on, Wonders are gradually unveiled, beginning with low-grade Wonders. Every week, Wonder Battles are held.

Civilization: Reign of Power Season One Wonder Conquest
Image via NEXON

Players can control one small city-level Wonder during combat. Through the Alliance category improvement, players can increase small city-level dominations to encompass up to three major cities. Players can only occupy a Wonder when the alliance’s territory is connected to it.

At this point attacks like “Rally Attack” are feasible. Players can utilize Domination prizes to build up domination points over the season. These can help an alliance win, and provide various compensations and buff effects at the alliance level.

On Tuesday, November 29, the new Nexon game called Civilization: Reign of Power had its official release. It is the first mobile MMOSLG title to make use of the Civilization IP, a well-known strategy brand. It is different not just by its retention of essential components from the popular Civilization V game, such as the Victory Conditions and Great People. But also by its extensive PvP war material at the alliance level in a season system.

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