Civilization: Reign of Power: NEXON’s Civilization-inspired SLG opens pre-registrations in Southeast Asia

No official news regarding the official release!

NEXON Games opens pre-registrations for its new MMOSLG Civilization: Reign of Power. The pre-registrations are only open in regions of Southeast Asia which means that only players from those regions can pre-register for the new MMOSLG title. Those who will pre-register for the game will get 3000 Gold as a pre-launch gift. Gamers can choose from 14 historical heroes from 14 different civilizations, each possessing its unique characteristics.

The game was first announced for the Japan region and later it is also announced for Southeast Asia. Whether there will be a global version or not, is still unclear.

Build your Civilization through Tech Tree Development

Civilization: Reign of Power is based on the world of Sid Meier’s Civilization 5. Players can recruit historical leaders spanning 14 civilizations and build their civilization with their excellency, expand their territory, form alliances, and lead the civilization to victory.

The game will give its players full-fledged freedom to transform their territory by crafting Great Works and decorating their own museum by solving mini-game puzzles.

Civilization Reign of Power
Image via NEXON Games

Players can take on familiar challenges from the Civilization Franchise which include

  • Domination Victory – Conquer the 13 World Wonders
  • Science Victory – Develop civilization by building space stations and conducting launches.
  • Culture Victory – Museum Great Work Production and Natural Wonder Occupation

Gamers can also engage in a diplomacy system exclusive to civilization, where they can declare war, demand, surrender, agree to truces, and form alliances. Gamers can engage themselves in alliances and fight against other alliances to become the ultimate victor.

Civilization: Reign of Power is open for pre-registration in Southeast Asia

As of now, no official announcements have been made regarding the official release date of Civilization: Reign of Power. Gamers from Southeast Asia can pre-register for this latest MMOSLG sensation on both Android and iOS platforms. For more details regarding Civilization: Reign of Power, you can always check their official website here.

What are your thoughts on NEXON Games opening pre-registration for Civilization: Reign of Power in Southeast Asia? Let us know in the comments below

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