Reign of the Conqueror: Nexon in collaboration with 2K Games announces Civilization-inspired MMORTS mobile title for Japan

Lead a civilization from prehistoric times into the future!

Nexon has officially announced a new MMORTS simulation game for mobile devices in collaboration with 2K Games, titled Civilization: Reign of the Conqueror. It will be released in Japan and is said to be inspired by the popular series, Civilization by Firaxis Games for PC. The game’s teaser image confirms the title and the collaborations.

Civilization: Reign of the Conqueror will take inspiration from Civilization 5

Nexon’s next MMORTS is said to have inherited ideas from the PC series, Civilization by Firaxis Games. The series includes multiple turn-based strategy games, which let players lead a civilization from prehistoric times into the future. There are a series of objectives to work towards an exploration of the expansive world, diplomacy between other AI-controlled civilizations, and military conquest.

Image via Nexon

In particular, Nexon’s version will feature similar strategy and growth elements but will have the MMO twist with it. Civilization: Reign of the Conqueror will feature a large-scale PVP system, in addition to other core game mechanics.

Nexon is well-known for their large-scale games

Nexon is the mastermind behind some big MMOs like MapleStory, GODSOME: Clash of Gods, and V4. It is exciting to see what they come up with next in Civilisation: Reign of the Conqueror. Another exciting sign is the apparent collaboration with 2K Games, which are popular on both PC/console and mobile.

Their licensed basketball and WWE games have amassed many downloads on Android and IOS. In fact, 2K Games have a series titled Civilisation Revolution which may explain their involvement in Civilisation: Reign of the Conqueror.

Very little is known about this MMORTS title at the moment in terms of release information. Nexon has put out a teaser website, though that just shows a teaser image for the time being. In addition, the game has an official Twitter account that will release the latest information as it can be released. Keep an eye out here to keep updated.

Are you excited as Civilisation Reign of the Conqueror was announced by Nexon? Let us know in the comments below!

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