Clash Mini February 16, 2023 Update: Balance Changes, other changes and more

With the onset of the February 2023 Update in Clash Mini, the developers at Supercell Games has introduced new Balance Changes for the newest strategy board game set in the Clash universe. They have buffed and nerfed various heroes, minis, and gizmos. In this piece, we will break down the patch notes for the Clash Mini update introduced on February 16, 2023.

Clash Mini February 16, 2023 Update: Heroes

Barbarian King

  • Base HP decreased to 12 from 13.

Archer Queen

  • Third Ability: Queen’s Gambit: When HP drops below 50%, she and surrounding allies gain Invisible for 2s (from 2.5s). This happens only once per round.

Royal Champion

Royal Champion Clash Mini
  • Base HP increased to 12 from 11.
  • Royal Champion has been fully reworked. We will break down the new abilities.
  • First ability: Shield Blade: Super: Throw a shield towards an enemy, dealing 4 damage.
    • Lv2: +0.5s Stun
    • Lv3: +0.5s Stun
    • Lv4: +1 damage
  • Second ability: Smart Bounce: Her Super gains 1 bounce, hitting another enemy within a certain area via the shield.
    • Lv2: Bounce area increased
    • Lv3: +1 Bounce target
    • Lv4: Bounce area increased
  • Third ability: Heroic Spirit: Boast: +3 Energy
    • Lv2: +2 Energy
    • Lv3: +2 Energy
    • Lv4: Grants 2 Energy to each surrounding ally

Clash Mini February 16, 2023 Update: Minis


  • The third upgrade gains 35% attack speed for 4s when receiving +ATK buff (from 40%).


  • Energy cost: 3
  • The base attack speed increased to 0.45 from 0.4.
  • New Ability: Super rolls a giant rock to the farthest enemy, damaging, stunning, and knocking enemies back any enemies hit.
  • New third upgrade: Flash Strike: Clash gains full energy.

Battle Healer

  • HP per upgrade reduced to 2 from 3.

Dart Goblin

  • Base HP increased to 8 from 7.

Healing Ranger

  • Base HP increased to 8 from 7.
  • Main Ability: Healing Spear: Super throws a magic spear across the board, healing allies in its path for 4 HP, targeting the farthest ally (from closet ally).


  • Main Ability: Rage Potion: Toss a potion that increases allies’ attack speed and movement speed by 35% for 3s. (from 40%)


  • The base attack speed is reduced to 0.45 from 0.5.


  • First Upgrade: Snipe +1.5s stun duration (from 2.5s).

Mega Knight

  • Energy Cost reduced to 9 from 10.

Magic Archer

  • Base HP increased to 9 from 8.


  • Base HP increased to 14 from 12.

Royal Ghost

  • First upgrade: Attack deal 2 bonus damage to isolated enemies (from 1 bonus damage).


  • Base HP increased to 9 from 8.


  • The attack speed per upgrade is reduced to 0.1 from 0.15.

Clash Mini February 16, 2023 Update: Gizmos

Hot Pot

  • Base HP reduced to 12 from 15.

Elixir Collector

  • Base HP reduced to 13 from 16.

Mucho Puncho

  • Base HP reduced to 18 from 24

Pocket Artillery

  • Base HP reduced to 13 from 15


  • Base HP reduced to 12 from 14

Saint Mirror

  • Base HP reduced to 14 from 17


  • Base HP reduced to 15 from 18

War Toot

War Toot
  • Base HP reduced to 15 from 18
  • New Ability: All allies within the area gain 30% attack speed and are immune to all control effects for 3s every 5s
  • The area of effect is decreased.

Training Camp

  • Base HP reduced to 14 from 18
  • New Ability: 2 Units standing directly to its left and right at the start of the battle will gain +1 ATK every 7s (Can stack). The buff ends if the Training Camp is destroyed

King Tower

  • Base HP reduced to 24 from 30.

Other Changes

Developers have been introducing a win streak bonus of +3 trophies for every win streak.

What are your thoughts on the February 16, 2023 update of Clash Mini? Let us know in the comments section below.

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