Clash of Clans December 2020 Update: Super Potion, Invisibility Spell & more

Super Troop costs and boost time reduced

Popular Strategy game Clash of Clans (COC) does have a popular fan-base still, thanks to their timely updates and equally entertaining events. However, after their 8th anniversary, the major changes were introduced only in the 2020 Summer Update and the Autumn 2020 updateFans were eager to get to know about more events for the future, especially if any changes would give the game a better balance. Well, this December, we can see some changes coming to your favorite game. In this Clash of Clans December 2020 Update, we can see Super Potion being introduced as a new magic item, along with some other updates which we will discuss in this article.

Clash of Clans December 2020 Update overview

New Magic Item: Super Potion

After the introduction of the Super Troops, which became popular among the Clash of Clans fan base, Supercell has brought the idea of having relatively similar items to Super Troops in the game. So, the idea is to have Super Potion in the game, which will arrive in this update. According to available data, Super Potion is a Magic item that lets you boost a Super Troop instead of spending the required Dark Elixir. Each Super Potion will boost a Super Troop for a maximum of 3 days. Super Potions will be available as a reward from completing the Clan Games event, and will also sell at the Trader for 300 Gems.

Further details of Super Potion will be updated soon.

New Spell: Invisibility

The Invisibility Spell is a brand new spell in Clash of Clans that unlocks when you upgrade your Spell Factory to level 6, which will be now unlocked at Town Hall 11 after the update goes live. It can be trained and upgraded via Elixir. The usefulness of the spell lies during your attack, as it makes the buildings/troops within the spell range invisible. With this, your troops will directly attack the buildings you want to target, thus ignoring the other buildings in the process.

As per the available info, the Housing Space is 1 and the Brewing Time is 3 mins.

New Siege Machine: The Log Launcher

Another interesting addition is The Log Launcher, which will be the 5th Siege Machine available in the game. It would require a Town Hall 13 to unlock it in the Siege Barracks.

As given in the trailer, it works similar to the Wall Wrecker, but instead uses logs to break down a larger area of the base surrounded by walls. The log will be destroyed after 20 tiles. As per the available info, The Launcher will stay active for a duration of 30 seconds and has a range of 20 tiles or 4 buildings.

New Super Troop: Magic Wizard

In the upcoming December 2020 update, players can get to experience the new super troop Magic Wizard. He can be unlocked at Town Hall 12 and have your Wizard to level 9, you can boost to the Super Wizard for 25,000 Dark Elixir. He will have two levels, 9 and 10.

The Super Wizard’s Special ability is the Chain Magic attack that bounces up to 10 times to different targets, as long as the targets are in the range of the original target.

Clashmas Tree and the Log

The game will also see a new update item in the Clashmas Tree and what’s teased to be the Log from Clash Royale. Further info will be revealed once it makes its arrival official.

Super Troop boosts cut down in time and cost

Among other announcements, Clash of Clans has confirmed the reduction of Super Troop upgrade cost as well the duration. After the update goes live, the Super Troop boost duration will be reduced from 7 days to 3 days. Once you’ve boosted a Super Troop, you’re no longer bound to that Super Troop for an entire week.

As the boost duration is cut down, the cost to upgrade troops have also been reduced. The Dark Elixir required for boosting Super Troops has been reduced to 25,000 Dark Elixir for each Super Troop.

A maximum of two Super Troops can be boosted together

After the Summer 2020 update, you can boost a maximum of two Super Troops at the same time. For example, you can have Sneaky Goblin and Super Wall Breaker upgraded & played together. This allows the player to try out several strategies for farming as well as Clan Wars.

Also, the normal version of a Troop can now be trained alongside their Super Troop version. This comes as a surprise to many, as it’ll give the players a massive attack boost. Imagine Witch and Super Witch teamed up together wreaking buildings with their skeletons and Big Boys!

That’s all for the update sneak peeks we know about. For further updates, stay tuned in this space as we’ll be revealing them soon!

New levels added for Buildings & Royal Champion

In the upcoming December 2020 Update of Clash of Clans, new levels are added to the existing buildings, which we will see below:

Spell Factory: Level 6

This will be available at Town Hall 11.

Upgrade CostUpgrade Time (in days)Spell CapacityHit PointsUnlocks
4.8M Elixir710840Invisibility Spell

X-Bow: Level 8

Upgrade CostUpgrade Time (in days)Damage Per SecondHit Points
17M Gold171854200

Giant Bomb: Level 7

Upgrade CostUpgrade Time (in days)DamageArea of Effect
7M Gold93754 Tiles

Air Bomb: Level 8

Upgrade CostUpgrade Time (in days)DamageArea of Effect
5M7 2603 Tiles

Royal Champion

LevelUpgrade Cost (Dark Elixir)Upgrade Time (in days)Damage Per SecondHit PointsRegeneration TimeAbility Level
21275,0008 535394038 mins4
22280,0008 540398038 mins4
23285,0008 545402038 mins4
24290,0008 550406038 mins4
25295,0008 555410040 mins5

Seeking Shield Ability: Level 5

  • Damage: 1960
  • Health Recovery: 2900
  • Number of Targets: 4

If you are looking for Town Hall guides to help you upgrade and learn new attack strategies? Check our guides below!

What is your opinion on the Clash of Clans December 2020 Update and the Super Potion introduction? Do let us know in the comments!

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