Clash of Clans fan creates a 3D video of Town Hall 2 to shock TH15 clan mates

Get a detailed look at the clearing in a magical forest!

A 3D video of a level 2 Town Hall has gained the attention of Clash of Clans fans and players worldwide. The video has been posted on Reddit by a user named Jacopo_propio_lui. In the video, we can see all the structures and environments of a Clash of Clans village created in detail. 

Clash of Clans has been around for a decade now. The game has been downloaded and played by millions of players since its iOS release in 2012. A year later the game was released for Android devices. The real-time strategy game is known for its unique aesthetics and captivating gameplay where players decimate the villages of their opponents. 

The Town Hall 2 village looks really cool in 3D

In this village, we can see the different structures that have been created by its builder, Jacopo_propio_lui. The village consists of one Elixir storage, two Elixir collectors, two gold mines, and one gold storage for collecting and storing essential resources. Two Builder Huts to build and grow the village.

There are two cannons and an Archer Tower for defending and two barracks and an Army Camp for training and holding the army. The level 2 Town Hall is situated right in the middle of the base. 

COC Town Hall 2 3D
Image via Reddit

The 3D impression of the whole base has been created with all the nitty, gritty details. It looks very immersive and visually captivating. The Redditor Jacopo_propio_lui has mentioned that he has created this 3D impression to show his clanmates who currently have level 15 Town Halls.

What are your thoughts about the 3D video of Town Hall 2 made by the Clash of Clans fan? Let us know in the comments below!

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