Clash of Clans leaks reveal an early Town Hall 17 release is on the cards

Well, can it be?

If you have read the title and are genuinely confused about what’s happening, so am I. Clash of Clans recently released the most awaited Town Hall 16 in a massive game-changing December 2023 update, and some leaks are surfacing indicating that not only TH16, but the upcoming next-level Town Hall 17 is also in the database, although we don’t have any visuals to support.

Town Hall 17 is in the event plans as per the latest Clash of Clans leaks

As you can see from the leaked information, there is a mention of an event titled Pack that became available for TH16. Additionally, TH17 is also in the pipeline, complete with reward animations. This development is kind of unexpected, considering that TH16 was launched just a month ago, and their working on two TH levels would be something amazing, if true.

Town Hall 15 arrived with the October 2022 update and after a year we saw the arrival of TH16. The recent Town Hall saw new Unlocked Buildings, Troops, Levels, and changes to gameplay such as Hero Equipment and Ores, and looking at a rushed TH17 option would not be a good idea to believe.

Among the sea of comments that are excited about the new TH level soon, the rest of the community suggests that there’s a possibility that this town hall and the next one were planned concurrently. So, they believe it wouldn’t be surprising if they’ve already incorporated some features for the upcoming town hall.

clash of clans town hall 16 cover
Image via Supercell

However, some players believe that there might be some playful fooling around in progress, although this is not something one would like to do. Regardless of the leaks, Town Hall 17 arriving earlier than anticipated would be somewhat of a mixed feeling in Clash of Clans, but hey, the devs know better than we do, right? So, wait till the next CoC update for confirmation!

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