Clash of Clans ‘Dragon Festival’ Lunar New Year Event 2024: All you need to know

What's in store to celebrate the new year?

Supercell’s Clash of Clans is getting ready to ring in the New Year 2024 with a spectacular celebration, and what could be a more fitting way to do so than by introducing the beloved Lunar New Year Event (LNY) to the festivities? Just like the Lunar New Year 2023 event held last year, we will be having the event this year too under the name ‘Dragon Festival’ as part of the monthly events, and it promises a plethora of fun events for us to enjoy, for the same, let us look at what is in store for the same.

Clash of Clans Lunar New Year Event 2024 Overview

Like every other event, the LNY event in CoC introduces players to a host of exciting features and challenges. Like Clash-O-Ween Mashup Madness and Cookie Rumble, this LNY 2024 brings in-game activities to collect Resources, Participate in themed Challenges, and more, with one of the anticipated highlights being a new set of exclusive rewards.

CoC Lunar New Year 2024 overview
Image via Supercell

While specific rewards may vary from what they offered the previous years, we still have amazing offers, New Year-themed skins, and custom sceneries that capture the essence of the Lunar New Year celebration. With the introduction of Hero Equipment in the December 2023 update, we can get more of these featured in the event shop.

To access the event, you just need to click on the event building that will be situated near the Trader’s Shop in the Home Village. The decorations can be seen above, which is a good blue theme. To progress in the event, you need to collect Dragon Medals.

Event Strategies

To progress through the event, players attack multiplayer bases to collect red envelopes and claim rewards. There’s an option to purchase the event pass for additional benefits, including a starting boost of red envelopes. I suggest you must strategize your attacks to efficiently collect red envelopes, considering differences in obtaining them from the Grand Warden Altar and the Clan Castle.

Hero Skins in Shop

Another interesting part of such events is the themed skins. All the heroes will be getting unique skins and that is what the event will bring interest about. We did get an overview of the LNY Barbarian King skin, which might make an appearance in the shop, and looks amazing, sporting a dragon look. The Dragon Warden will be available to claim as the redeemable option.

New Event Troops

We will be getting to see some new event-themed Troops, so let us jump in a check how they fare!

1. Azure Dragon

An exciting troop reveal in Clash of Clans is the Azure Dragon. The design you can compare to the force of the Lunar Year Dragon, the fifth animal in the Chinese Xodiac, designed in Light Purple with a shade of Blue and Pink, similar to Gyarados from Pokemon. These mythical beings unleash water balls, targeting multiple buildings at once, similar to your already existing Electro Dragon. Interestingly, the movement is also somewhat similar, with a slower pace and higher damage.

2. Firecracker

This name might be familiar to those who play Supercell’s other popular strategy game Clash Royale. In the game, she works the same as a ranged troop that can target both air and ground units. When deployed, she launches a firework projectile that deals damage in a straight line, and just like in Clash Royale, we have a pushback once she fires a shot.

Event Rewards

We will be getting the LNY Champion skin in the Gold Pass and the Warden skin in the LNY event pass. Alongside the prices for the Dragon Skin-set have been revealed as well, you can get the King and Queen skins from the shop as a purchase for $9.99, with the other two being the pass skins.

CoC Lunar New Year 2024 rewards
Image via Supercell

We also have the Frozen Arrow Hero Equipment for the Queen to be redeemed, so you can collect it for her too. Other than that, Dragon Medals can be used to redeem other event rewards including training boosts, ore, and medals, with enough medals to claim the limited edition troops.

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