Clash of Clans: Supercell shares its future update plans for 2022

All three parts of the game discussed in detail!

In the latest announcement on the official Clash of Clans website, developers have disclosed their future plans to further improve the game moving into the year 2022. It consists of quite a few developments to appease the players. The developers have discussed the three distinct parts of Clash of Clans all with their own particular gameplay elements and meaning.

Clash of Clans future update plans for 2022

1. Introduction of the Clan Capital

The Clan Capital is the newest feature to be implemented in the game, and the developers are already working on it to make it a favorable experience for all the players. It consists of troops available from both the Home Village and Builder Base to maximize player participation and to ensure there is freshness in the concept while also making no one feel left out.

clash of clans clan capital, coc clan capital, clash of clans clan capital districts Clash Of Clans future plans 2022
Image via Supercell

With that said, the developers have stated that they already have some ideas in mind and will bring them into the game after they collect the feedback from the players about what they need more.

2. New players will get enough time to grow their Home Village

While newer features are still being added, the original Home Village still remains the heart and soul of the game. Keeping that in mind, the developers are working to make the game more inclusive for new players given the complexity and variation in the types of bases achieved by a decade of the game’s existence. To give the players more incentive to continue playing the game, and not feel lagging behind the higher Town Halls, the time between the introduction of a new Town Hall has been increased to 18 months. This will hopefully offer enough time for the players to level up and gradually catch up with the older players.

3. The Builder Base will undergo a radical overhaul

The Builder Base was initially introduced to offer more fast-paced and focused gameplay as compared to the Home Village. But as time went on and the Base got bigger and bigger, it lost its focused gameplay and became shallow.

clash of clans spring 2020 update Clash Of Clans future plans 2022
Image via Supercell

According to the developers, this made the players use it just to gain benefits for their Home Village. Thus, there will be changes brought in to make the gameplay more dynamic while establishing a clear aim to achieve in this format, which as the developers claim, will be a hard task yet should be achievable. 


The aim behind these future plans for Clash of Clans is to keep the game relevant while still adding new elements for the players to enjoy, and make it a friendly competitive pastime for everyone. This can be a good move if done correctly and by gauging the player responses to generate the best feedback-based additions for the game.

What are your thoughts about the future plans of the Developers for Clash of Clans? Let us know in the comments below!

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