Clash of Clans World Championship Wildcard teams announced

In little over a month, Hamburg, Germany will be home to Clash of Clans first-ever 5v5 World Championship. Pairing up with the ESL Gaming Network, we can expect fierce competition and a professional, clean tournament layout. With 1 million US dollars in prize money on the line, this isn’t going to be an event to miss. But before the tournament starts, 2 new teams have been added to the already qualified teams as Clash of Clans World Championship wildcard entrants. So, has it become more exciting now? Continue reading to know more!

Meet the qualified teams

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Tribe Gaming recently made headlines for roster changes to their team. They will have potential challenges with their newer players and will have to focus on team synergy going into the championship. Nova looks ever-powerful, responsible for knocking out many a team in the qualifiers. However, Japan-based team QueeN Walkers could be the clan to bring them down in the championships, taking a 12-10 star victory the last time the teams faced off. 

Clash of Clans World Championship Wildcard teams

Not to forget, the recently confirmed Clash of Clans World Championship wildcard teams were announced, where we all had the opportunity to vote for, inside the game. 

Shenzhou made a convincing win over its peers, raking in 52.66% of the total votes. This distinctly isolated them as crowd favourites going into the competition, which will no doubt, give them a big confidence boost after losing the August qualifiers against Nova. 

INTZ also came up short against Nova in their qualifying match, but barely scraped through the wildcard voting, taking 12.16% of the overall votes. Despite their large fan base and following, they will have to bring out their best strategies and regroup to take the best advantage of their position. This leaves Dark Looters, WHF, OneHive, Top of JAPAN, blaze JP, and DK 2nd Brigade out of the running. 

Community response

As for the public response, opinions are mixed for the Clash of Clans Word Championship wildcard teams. The official forum tells a story of INTZ, and their support of the underdog. Whereas the numbers clearly back the formidable Chinese-based clan: Shenzhou. Only time will tell on how these two teams best make use of their second chance on the one million dollar prize pool.

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