Clash of Gods announces its first open beta test ahead of a global release

Ragnarok, the end of life's long cycle, draws near!

There are several mobile games with names that start with “Clash of,” but this one declares supremacy over them all. Clash of Gods is a newly-released epic real-time strategy RPG from Melting Games where you can call gods, heroes, and strong monsters to help you in your quest for global dominance. Even without mentioning the art style, which is reminiscent of COG and Diablo Immortal, it appears authentic but perhaps better. Clash of Gods is currently undergoing an open beta test on Android ahead of global release.

Team up with the mythical Gods and wage war against the evil

The people you summon are known as Ancients, and they represent many different world cultures. Athena (from Ancient Greece), Thor (from Old Norse), Amun (from Ancient Egypt), Wukong (from China), and Brynhildr are the starting choices (Norse mythology).

Image via Melting Games

Naturally, each of them has certain skills and qualities of their own. However, none of them are initially more strong than the others, so all that matters is how you choose to play. You can also lead a traditional army in Clash of Gods, which consists of infantry, cavalry, archers, and creatures.

These units can be leveled up, put into formations, and generally prepared to take on whatever task the game presents. It resembles SLG and PRG games like The Lord of the Rings: War and Raid: Shadow Legends in a pleasingly unique way.

Android users can take part in the Clash of Gods open beta now

But more than just the game itself is posing difficulties for you. Clash of Gods includes an extensive range of multiplayer possibilities in addition to an epic storyline made up of numerous campaigns and hundreds of quests.

Image via Melting Games

PvE battles, a PvP arena, and a guild system are all present. In Clash of Gods, being social can help you gain resources, whether it is through guild members or pals using your ally skills. Interested Android players can check out the game and try out the open beta from their Google Play stores here. Additionally, there is a special free redeem code COG9999 with valuable in-game resources available for players post-launch.

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