Clash Quest June 2021 Island Update overview

A new Island Update is here!

Clash Quest was one of the three games announced in the Clash Series by Supercell and is the first one to reach beta in select regions. In a short span of time, Clash Quest has just announced its second update for the year. The update will introduce a new troop, two new defences, a new spell, a new tactic and more to the game, all from the Clash universe. So, in this article, we discuss the Clash Quest June 2021 Island Update in detail and what it will be bringing to the game.

Clash Quest June 2021 Island Update additions

Here we look at the latest additions that are coming to Clash Quest in the June 2021 Island update:

New Troop: Minion

New Troop: Minion Clash Quest June 2021 Island Update
New Troop: Minion

Minion is an air troop that attacks the nearest target to it. Being an air unit, Minion can only be attacked by air targeting defences like the Archer Tower and Inferno Towers that attack both air and ground units.

New Items

With the addition of Minion, the game has added three new items for the newest troop. These are the:

  • Explosive Gloves – Drops bombs damaging two random tiles.
  • Revenge Gloves – After dodge, gains attack boost.
  • Double Gloves – Hits again (with full damage) if the target is still standing.

New Spell: Bless

New Spell: Bless
New Spell: Bless

Bless is a new spell to the game that increases the hit points of a selected unit by a specific amount to the max.

New Tactic: Frontline

Frontline is a new tactic that allows the players to move their units forward in a column resulting in getting potential combos and more strategic control within the game.

New feature: Reroll

Reroll completely wipes out all the units from the columns and places a new set of troops. This new feature can completely change the game for the players if they’re about to lose the game.

New Defences

The June update also brings two new defences to the game which are Air Defence and Goblin Hut.

Air Defence

The air defence shoots three small rockets to different air units and does damage to each of them.

Goblin Hut

The Goblin Hut spawns spear-throwing Goblins that do fragile damage to both ground and air units. The Goblins move around the map after every spear throw.

New Boss: Lava Hound

In the latest update, the developers have referred to Lava Hound as the most challenging boss in the game till now.

New Boss: Lava Hound
New Boss: Lava Hound

The Lava Hound starts as an air unit shooting three-by-three fireballs at the troop. After some time, the Lava Hound lands and spawns two more low health Lava Pups. The spawned Lava Pups again shoot fireballs at the unit one-by-one. Once the Lava Hound is destroyed, six more Lava Pups will spawn for the last time. Victory can be only achieved after defeating all of them.

The Lava Hound is an air unit and hence can only be targeted by air attacking units.

Final Thoughts

The update isn’t bringing many changes, but it seems to be a good start for a new game. The game is still in early development and available in a few selected countries, and players will definitely find these improvements very helpful. It has featured so much from the Clash Universe and the same is expected from the game in the future. Well, as of now, we can say improvements like these will slowly improve the game step by step and then push for bigger updates once it has the audience running.

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