Clash Royale Season 4 leaks: What do we know so far

Clash Royale‘s Season 4 is getting very close, and Supercell decided to give us a few leaks about what it will be like! Along with it, we know that a new big update is getting as well at the start of Season 4. So let’s see Clash Royale Season 4 leaks that Supercell has provided so far.

No more draws in Clash Royale

The main thing about this Clash Royale season 4 update is going to be the removal of a common mechanic in videogames: draws! In fact, they’re going to add a new tiebreaking system which doesn’t allow ties anymore. This new system consists of giving the win to whoever makes it through the end of the match with the most damage on enemy towers.

For example, let’s say me and my opponent both have one tower down in overtime. At the end of those three minutes, none of us was able to destroy another tower and win the game, but I was able to get more damage on one of his remaining towers. When the timer hits zero, all the towers will go down the same amount of health very fast, until one of them falls. This way, whoever gets the most damage wins.

New arena and new theme!

clash royale season 4 new arena, clash royale season 4 leaks
As you can see, part of the arena shows behind the cards.

About the Pass itself, we have some information about its team: Spooktober! Exactly, since the new season it’s going to drop in October, they made a Halloween themed arena. We don’t have much information about the arena itself, but this leaked image from Seth (one of the game designers) shows us some of it. Thanks to Seth, from Supercell to do the leak on Twitter.

Other than that, we don’t really know much about the rewards and the trophy road changes. Though, we actually know that there’s going to be a new card! This card – as the developers said – is going to open the doors to a completely new deck archetype! This is something that most people were waiting for so long, and it’s probably going to shake the meta even more!

Balance changes: what do we know?

As for the last leak, we have a little hint about the balance changes as well: Witch is getting a rework! They didn’t say exactly what kind of rework it is going to be, but they’ve been testing it for a long time and it seems to work very well. Let’s just hope that this time the community will not overreact before the update even goes live.

Other than that, we know they’re working on a Bowler rework as well (which is most likely not coming this month). We are also expecting some changes to the Fisherman since it’s really dominating the meta right now!

Effects on Meta?

This new system is going to shake the meta a lot! Defensive decks like X-Bow are going to have a harder time. Chip cycle decks are going to get an advantage again because of their nature. We don’t know how it is going to turn out yet, but we will see!

This update will also add some ‘Quality of Life’ improvements, such as clan leader rotations, transparency on texts and much more!

That’s it for Clash Royale Season 4 leaks! Are you hyped for the new update? If so, make sure to follow GamingonPhone on Facebook and Twitter! That being said, we’ll see you in the arena!

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