Clash Royale: 5 Best Mini PEKKA decks with tips

Best Mini PEKKA decks!

Close to 10 days into Season 37: Mini Pekka’s Dream and players are already loving it. From the attractive pancake arena to the balanced meta like the previous season, everything seems just about right in Clash Royale at present. As this season drifts heavily towards the Mini Pekka, we present to you the top 5 Mini PEKKA decks in Clash Royale.

Top 5 Mini PEKKA decks in Clash Royale 

Mini PEKKA is an extremely powerful card in Clash Royale. The Mini Pekka brings a lot of support for the side, while only costing 4 Elixir. It is one of the oldest cards to release in Clash Royale. Players would get along with the troop if they have previously played Clash of Clans, where the PEKKA originated from. Since the Mini Pekka consists of fairly strong stats, players can use it with quite a lot of combinations for both defense and offense. 

1. Giant Bait

Average elixir cost: 3.6


The deck could be brutal if players cycle the musketeer well in Clash Royale. A giant backed up with the musketeer could perhaps destroy the tower on its own. If the opponent has a deck with heavy defense, continue to cycle the goblin barrel and musketeer repeatedly. Players can use the Mini Pekka here to support the giant if required.

Giant Bait [Average Elixir – 3.6] 
Image via Supercell


The deck has a solid defense from all aspects – be it air or ground in Clash Royale. The duo of Mega Minion and Musketeer can defend against many air and ground attacks at the same time. Mini PEKKA can end up giving a positive Elixir trade as it can single-handedly destroy big troops such as Golem, Mega Knight, etc. The Skeleton Army can take care of troops that do not possess splash damage powers. And finally, players can use the spells to support and defend the side.

2. XBow MP Bats Cycle

Average elixir cost: 2.9


Players would surely be aware of the fact that the XBow cycle decks can be a major threat to anyone in Clash Royale. This deck is just another example of the same. The XBow can be used during the right time to chip the tower frequently. The Mini PEKKA can be used in front of the XBow to take down the heavy troops, giving time for the XBow to target the crown tower. The other cards are meant for cycling back to the XBow again. This way, the opponent will have a hard time cycling his deck due to lesser Elixir. 

XBow MP Bats Cycle [Average Elixir – 2.9]
Image via Supercell


The Xbow can be amazing too when it comes to defending the towers in Clash Royale. Place it near the center, and it will do what it’s best at. If there is a massive attack incoming, the Mini Pekka can come in handy to take down the big ones. The Ice Golem and Goblins can be used for distraction, while the Ice Wizard can provide a great backup by slowing down the troops, giving time for the Mini Pekka to patiently ruin the attack and perform a counter.

3. Hog Lightning w/ Exe Nado Bats

Average elixir cost: 3.5


The deadly combo of executioner and tornado can handle any sort of strategic defenses, except for buildings in Clash Royale. The Lightning Spell plays its role here as it can nearly take down any building with its effective thunder. The Hog Rider can be used along the Ice Golem followed by the Lightning spell to avoid getting distracted by buildings and head straight towards the crown tower. Bats can also help to chip some damage off the tower when used with the Hog Rider.

Clash Royale Mini PEKKA decks
Image via Supercell


The Mini Pekka, along with the Exe Nado can potentially take down an entire army by themselves, and that’s exactly the strength of this deck’s defense. Players will have to cycle the executioner to be prepared for an air attack since the deck doesn’t consist of a lot of options to counter such troops in Clash Royale.

4. Golem Healer Beatdown 

Average elixir cost: 4.5


Any deck with Golem should mean that the opponents will have to expect a massive push, and this deck is no different. The Golem, used with the Healer, Baby Dragon, and Night Witch should get a tower down in no time. A Lightning spell is present in the deck to destroy the opponent’s building is placed. The Mini Pekka, when placed behind the Healer, can stay alive for a longer period as the Healer keeps her alive. 

Clash Royale  PEKKA decks
Image via Supercell


This deck has a solid and tight defense in Clash Royale. The Mini Pekka and Healer can take care of the ground troops, while the Baby Dragon and Mega Minion can take down the air troops, after which they can support the ground allies as well. It can counter almost any attack and the counterattack would turn into a nightmare for the opponents, especially if they are quite low on Elixir.

5. Giant Graveyard Spam

Average elixir cost: 3.6


As the name suggests, the motive of this deck is to cycle to the Giant and Graveyard and keep rushing the opponent’s towers using the same. The Musketeer or Mini Pekka can be used behind the Giant to cover him from getting killed soon. This way, the opponent will be on the receiving end of pressure and might end up making mistakes, as he has to protect the tower from the Giant as well as the Graveyard, and with a Musketeer or Mini Pekka at the back, one can only watch his tower getting destroyed. 

Clash Royale PEKKA decks
Image via Supercell


The Musketeer is a lady of strong gunpower, and she is one of the best defense cards against air and ground troops. The Mini Pekka and Skeleton Army can keep the enemy troops away from the towers. Mini Pekka and the Musketeer play the most important roles in terms of the deck’s defense, as they are the only cards with fairly high hitpoints and insane Damage per Second. Players must ensure that either of them is always ready to be dropped in the arena to support the towers.

Final Thoughts

Players can make use of the above decks to participate in the Super Mini PEKKA Challenge or/and the Super Mini PEKKA Casual Challenge. With every win, one can get massive rewards and eventually obtain free Banner Tokens and an exclusive Mini PEKKA emote after completing the above-mentioned events.

What are your thoughts about our guide on the Best mini PEKKA decks in Clash Royale? Let us know in the comments below!

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