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COD Mobile: Activision launches servers for the Nigeria region

Released almost four years ago, Call of Duty Mobile is one of the most successful mobile games of all time. Bringing Activision’s gaming juggernaut to mobile for free, the game was guaranteed to be a hit. And just like every other game, Game Servers in CODM provide the easiest way to deliver a seamless multiplayer gaming experience to your players around the world. After having varied servers from its inception, Activision has finally launched the COD Mobile servers for the Nigeria region after a long wait.

This positive stride follows the success of a server launch and a targeted campaign conducted in South Africa in the preceding year. The proactive involvement of Carry1st, marked by its participation in prominent events such as Comic Con Africa and rapper Nasty C’s Ivyson Gaming Tournament, played a pivotal role in the accelerated growth of the player base and heightened engagement levels.

It is worth highlighting that Carry1st’s initiatives contributed significantly to Call of Duty: Mobile nearly doubling its active user count in the region, showcasing the tangible impact of its strategic endeavors.

The voices of the players have finally been heard as the COD Mobile servers go live in Nigeria

The creators of the game have strategically established servers in various locations to optimize latency and ping for players. Typically, participants are automatically assigned to the server in closest proximity to their geographical location.

However, to engage with friends residing in different countries, certain users actively seek methods to switch their in-game server. This pursuit has given rise to an ongoing quandary concerning the legality of such server-switching practices.

Nigerian players encountered a significant challenge as the game initially lacked a dedicated server catering specifically to their region. Consequently, they grappled with severe latency issues on their devices, depriving them of a seamless gaming experience within the game.

Numerous players resort to virtual private networks (VPNs) to navigate this challenge, allowing them to conceal their IP addresses and alter their virtual locations. However, the predicament intensifies as Call of Duty Mobile explicitly prohibits the use of VPNs, compounding the challenges faced by players seeking a workaround for a smoother gaming experience.

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Image via Activision

Several times players have voiced their opinion about this and asked for a dedicated server from Activision so that they can also enjoy the game seamlessly like others across the globe. And it is now finally heard as Activision has officially launched the Nigeria server for COD Mobile.

Depending on how close players stay to the server area, the less latency they will get on the device while playing this game. For those who haven’t downloaded the game yet, players can do so by going to the Google Play Store or else Apple App Store

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