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COD Mobile China to synchronize with the global version starting this Summer

Same events here and there

At present, there’s a completely different version of Call of Duty: Mobile for China, and that game, while being quite similar in the basics to the global version, has several differences in terms of certain features. At times, the Chinese version even has what players might consider some better features than the global version. The two versions often end up having different themes for their season or events. But today, Activision has announced that the COD Mobile features will synchronize with each other.

Certain elements of the global and Chinese versions of the game will be similar or “synchronized”. This doesn’t mean that the versions will be completely the same but rather they’ll have similar events and updates. This means that the global and Chinese players wouldn’t be playing on different tangents in some aspects but instead, the additions to the game will be shared across the two versions.

It is also worth noting that Activision did not mention anything about COD Mobile Garena. If you want to read a comparative study among these three, you can check our article COD Mobile Global vs China vs Garena version.

Which features will synchronize with COD Mobile global

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There isn’t really any answer to that yet except for a few vague lines from the community announcement. This was a rather brief outline of Activision’s plans but it has been mentioned that the features of the Battle Royale modes like the Health System will remain different.

This is probably to still keep some amount of distinction between the games but seasonal version updates, important events and weapons balances will be shared between the global version and the Chinese version of the game.

This could mean good news for the players on the Global side of the game as now they might be getting some really desirable features from the Chinese version and certain features have already been theorised. In the past, features from the Chinese version of the game have been added to the Global version. There’s a lot Activision can do with these new developments.

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